Monday, August 22, 2011

First Birthday Party Planning Tips For Almost Deranged Moms

Don't worry, you'll be hearing it from the pro. Yep, that would be me.

My son's first birthday party is in two weeks and if you ask me now what was already accomplished, I would tell you straight that I have no idea. Nada.

I do know that I have already paid the downpayment for the venue so you could tick that off the list. I have also sought help from my friend, who happens to be a godmother of my son and an awesome party needs supplier, for host-cum-entertainer to keep them kids busy while the adults keep their tummies busy with food and gas (food from the buffet table, gas from never ending nonsense talking a.k.a chismisan) and although she notified me the other day that our first choice for entertainer is not anymore available for the said date, I trust my friend to come up with someone cool and worth the bucks.

So that leaves me the invites and tarp and cake and costume and my "mini-assignment" of asking the venue if they will allow us to put up balloon pillars. Unfortunately, the email address that was given to me by the contact person was incorrect (oh, I hope I was not duped. oh God...)

ran..tripped..dunked..rummaged for that darn invoice.. 

Yep I'm good, invoice bears the right company header so I guess I'm good for now :)

I keep putting it off - contacting the venue, I don't know, it just slips my mind all the time. Promise tomorrow I'll work on it even if it kills me. lol :)

My bestgirl will do the invites layout so I'll just have to follow her up on that. I just have to remember to ask the venue if they could print our layout for the streamer too instead of their not-so-good looking one. no offense meant dears, it's just too..i don't know bland?

Anyhoo, the layouts will then go to those who will print it and tomorrow I still have to look for someone who can sew a race car driver costume or else we will have to buy the one we saw on which is priced at 2,500 if I am not mistaken. Ouch.

So where are the tips?

Well.. make sure you have a list for what you need:
1. Venue. This comes first since everything else will depend on it i.e date, theme, time, etc
2. Basic party needs like sound system, etc. ask the venue's contact person as they usually have packages offered for this.
3. Invites. You can opt to use the ones provided by the venue but they are usually unattractive.
4. Costume. Of course, it should be according to theme.
5. Balloons. "To make the place more festive." as quoted from my kumare-cum-supplier
6. Host/entertainer. You can hire separately or find someone who does both.
7. Additional party favors. If you feel the provided ones are not enough. These can be booths, balloons, entertainers, giveaways, souvenirs etc..
8. Kids. What are children parties for if they don't have kids?
9. Parents/Adults. Who will eat your cake if they don't come?

As for me, I am going to write these things on my handy dandy notebook so I won't forget anything and kick myself in the future for not remembering!

Next, seek help from pros i.e party planners, layout designers, etc. everything can now be ordered off the internet and be shipped to you even if you don't have credit card or if you're not so comfortable using it online. Most shops accept bank transfers and in the Philippines, cash transfers through third party payment providers like PayPal and Gcash. Order them off when possible and just nag your way until your package comes! lol :)

Wish me luck supermoms. Cheers! :) 

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