Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Must Love Frutti Froyo :)

If you think we went straight to Frutti Froyo after Army Navy then you're wrong. We did not since Frutti Froyo in Solenad 2 has yet to open their loving arms to hungry families like ours. lol :)

We had our froyo fix in Petron Square, Katipunan Ave. later the night on our way to Mercato Centrale. Frutti Froyo in Petron Square is located up their second floor so from down parking lot, you won't be able to see it at once.

You see, we're quite a pro when it comes to mixing our own froyos as I told you it's a family  tradition already. lol :)

If you're new to Frutti Froyo, it can be quite overwhelming just seeing all those selections before you. For starters, you are faced with at least 6 different froyo flavors. The most common of which is chocolate. Come to think of it, there was no Frutti Froyo branch that I visited without a chocolate froyo. hmm..

FYI, chocolate froyo tastes like Wendy's Frosty, or frozen chocolait, only creamier. :)

My daughter and my hubby always go for chocolate froyo, they are not adventurous souls, you know. Me, I go for banana+chocolate (as you can have them swirled) or mint+chocolate but most of the time, it's only chocolate (as the two aforementioned flavor are rare ones) sooooo good :)

After choosing your froyo which will serve as your "base", you can now have fun mixing and matching nuts, candies, fresh fruits, syrups and whatnot. Your choices are virtually endless!

Here's my own "creation":

chocolate froyo + mochi + fresh strawberries + fresh blueberries + graham crumbs + oreo crumbs + mini marshmallows
Dang that light! It's bad enough that my pesky, very unreliable camera phone is not taking good pictures without natural light sabayan pa ng dimmed, yellow lighting ng Frutti Froyo!

My hubby was not in the mood for froyo so he skipped his chance and took care of the baby instead. Hay salamat naman!

Tried fixing this photo but it didn't come out looking right too, it is clearer than the reddish one though. I'll try it on Instagram later today, maybe these babies will come out good there. That's my daughter's cup beside mine by the way. I asked her what's in it and she gave me a gigly "ewan". lol. kids :)

I have yet to try their waffle which I think will also be

Cheers! :)

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