Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Army Navy: Food War Is On!

My hubby is an absolute burger junkie. He loves burger especially if the patty is thick and the condiments don't come in sachets. He liked Cajun when we were in college, he would go for Wendy's burger if we were short for time (as Wendy's just a little skiphop away  from our place back then) There was also a time when he went gaga over Brother's Burger and we would trek over to Sta. Rosa, Laguna which was the nearest - I think still is - from our hometown, San Pablo, Laguna every bloody week.

Then we accidentally discovered Army Navy as we were making our weekly trek to Frutti Froyo Alabang Branch - family food of the month then - as they are located opposite each other. Since then, it's always Amy Navy-Frutti Froyo combination.

As the tollgate gets unbelievably higher, our then-weekly Alabang trips got down to every-other-week trips. sad. :( So just imagine our joy when we heard that Solenad 2 Sta. Rosa Laguna has opened an alfresco type of mall (some kind of, but it was really small to be called as such..) which houses, what else, Army Navy (..and Frutti Froyo, among others..) Now we're getting somewhere *insert biggie smile here*

That's the counter. Army Navy is self-serve and I like the laid-back approach. It won't make you conscious of your very messy burger eating habits (oh, I mean mine. lol)

weapons of destruction ;)

My daughter has a thing for french fries so it's only logical for her to looooove Freedom Fries. Priced at 65pesos,  what's not to love?

Hubby got his, surprise surprise, burger. He's happy even if it didn't show. He's not a big smiler and he's quite camera-shy :) That's Double Burger he's holding, priced at 195pesos. I honestly think this burger can feed two not-so-hungry men.

I just had a burger earlier that day so I browsed and browsed the menu. A word of caution though, they don't offer much but every bit of their offerings is good so you'll never go wrong with whatever you choose. For me, I settled with their Fearless Fried Chicken

Ain't that a beauty? :) Glad I chose this as it was soooooooooooo good :) mighty crispy on the outside but super tender, juicy inside and most of all, it got the right amount of saltiness in it. Just the way a fried chicken ought to be, me thinks :) Fearless Fried Chicken is 145pesos, not bad.

ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito = *burp*

Cheers! :)

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