Monday, August 1, 2011

My Supermarket Finds: Nestle Raisinets, Palmers Mint Flavors, Florida's Natural Healthy Treats and Kellogg's Fruit Snacks

I'm not exactly your health buff mom nor do I ever try eventhough you must be seeing "fruits" scattered all over my loot bag. lol :) I just love fruit-flavored anything and I love fruits mixed with chocolates. I even went as far as putting fresh strawberries and blueberries on my chocolate froyo! Yep, the weirdest but for  me, that was the yummiest!
So there, the one farthest to the left is my alltime favorite Nestle Raisinets. This one's quite familiar as they are easily seen on most supermarket isles. This one came in a box though so I believe this is imported hence creamier (no offense meant to local ones). Priced at 80 pesos, not a bad deal at all.

Next to it is hubby's favorite, Palmer's Mint Flavors. I got it for 77 pesos which is not bad a price since we only get to buy this when we're touring Subic. I was even reprimanded by the hubby for not buying a dozen. lol :)

Then there's ate's Kellogg's fruit snacks. I was thinking of not buying it at that time as it was a little bit pricey (180 something pesos) but I chose to allow my little girl this treat just so she won't buy something foolish that will eventually end up in trash.

The star of my loot bag however is Florida's Natural Healthy Treats. Now that is  WOW! I have tried strings but I had no idea the nuggets are way better! The baby absolutely loves them! (Got it for 80 something pesos for 14 little packs)

All these were bought from Shopwise Festival branch :)

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