Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Am Now An Amazon Affiliate!

I am going to keep this one short and sweet as I have bazillion things to do and I am down to my last two hours for the day. talk about cramming! lol :)
So, I applied the other day to be an Amazon affiliate using this blogger account. I would have applied using the Popular Book Reviews site but due to lack of sleep, I went on and "monetize" using my blogger dashboard without thinking twice. Let's just say that the 24-hour waiting period was hell as I have been chastising myself for not directly submitting my application to Amazon instead of using my blogger account.


So basically, if you are using blogger for your blog which I am now, and you would like to apply for Amazon affiliate program, just do these steps:
  1. From your dashboard, find the "Monetize" tab, that's beside "Design" and "Stats" tabs. Click on that please.
  2. Below the tabs, there will be a user toolbar with choices being Set Up AdSense, AdSense For Feeds, Amazon Associate. Choose Amazon Associate.
  3. Tick "I want to create a new associate ID". Click "Set Up Amazon Associates".
  4. Supply info about you and your website. Be extra careful on your name and address as I believe these details will be used for sending your commissions and you wouldn't want that ending up on someone else's doorstep, would you?
  5. There will be no confirmation from your blogger dashboard which I find weird but there will be an email confirmation which will inform you that your site is being reviewed and you'll be notified if approved.
  6. Wait. Chew nails.
I am not really sure what happens when your website gets rejected but mine got approved after 24hours. yey!

Now I'm off to playing with Amazon affiliate widgets and ads options. Will update you guys.

Cheers! :)

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