Tuesday, August 2, 2011

San Pablo City's Very Own Logmi :)


If you happen to pass by our humble city, you might want to try our city's best kept secret: Ramzi's Logmi. Here's their foursquare location: Ramzi Food and Tapsi

Strangely, they only have 18 checkins in total when everyday the place is jam-packed mostly with students from nearby schools. Maybe they didn't know the place was foursquared already. lol :)

It took me years to finally get my first taste of it. Why? Because I was sooo city-ignorant that I didn't know where to buy the much-talked about Logmi until our ex-vice mayor posted about it on Facebook. After that, I whipped my hubby's bum good just to get me an order. He promptly did the next day.

At first I didn't like it that much. Talk about food-weirdness. This dish is actually luglog+mami which is, in other words, palabok and mami combined. In my own explanation, you put luglog noodles (fat, springy ones) then you put Luglog sauce (minus shrimp) then you top it all off with thick mami broth, then you also get tiny beef bits and half an egg.. that's basically how Log-mi is done. However, it kinda grows on you that you'll eventually find yourself craving for it.

Anyway, for some reason, the hubby fell inlove with it the first time and the baby too so this is pretty much on our merienda list these days. :)

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