Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nature Republic Brightening Mask Sheet. Yay!

When system is down and one couldn't work, we blog. lol :)

Let me just tell you first that I absolutely love shopping at Nature Republic because 1) their products are NOT so expensive compared to other Korean beauty brands and 2) their staff at Festival Mall (the most accessible branch for me) is sooo accommodating, they won't hesitate to give you tips on how to maximize your shopping experience with them (how to get more freebies, best deals etc) 

This one below is a freebie from my last mask sheet purchase from them (for every 2 mask sheets, 65Php up each, you get this one for free) I went there looking for their Rice mask sheet as it has brightening properties that I would like to test out but it was OOS. The nice SA recommended the Rosehip instead as according to her it also has brightening and anti-aging properties then continued to *bola* me about their freebie that is actually a brightening mask sheet. I asked her if I could just buy their freebies instead. lol :D

Nature Republic Brightening Mask Sheet

I'm not really a Korean drama fan so I really don't know who this *manong* is but I like the idea of men being the face of a cosmetic brand - a mask sheet to be more specific. My hubby was amazed when he saw this. Hah! (he's allergic to girly stuff so seeing a man modeling a mask sheet was an eye opener for him)

Nice and moist inside. ooohhh..
What I like about this mask sheet, well aside from the fact that it is a freebie *lol*, is that you'll feel something happening the whole time you have this on - and off too, just for a little while, like 15 minutes after taking it off :) There's a "tightening" feel, that pull-press sensation while it dries out on your face. It was wet enough to last me 45minutes. lol. Usually I leave mask sheet on my face for average 45 minutes, not because I was trying to squeeze out every little nutrient from it but I usually get so engrossed with work that I forget to peel the mask off! Anyway, I'm more partial to Korean mask sheets because they fit my face perfectly unlike its western counterparts which tend to be a half bigger than my face. Smell is also nice, it's neither floral nor fruity, I say "clean". Oh, and there's some tingling sensation after 30minutes, however nothing that would trigger my allergy so all's good :)

No eye flap on this one though, just holes :( Their Rosehip mask sheet has nice eye flaps which I lovingly cover my eyes with, for instant eye cooling and overall relaxation. lol. OA. :D I noticed the sheet was also a little thinner than their regular masks but that didn't give me any problem so..



Rebel Sweetheart said...

Hehe, I've been wanting to try NR mostly because of Jang Geun Suk (the manong). Thanks for sharing! :)

I am gie said...

haha. igno ako sa mga Korean stars :D but really nice yung Nature Republic and very cheap din considering yung deals nila (kaya siguro wala masyadong ganito si bhappywithme) :D

aMz88 said...

i want to try anything from this store but im on a ban from shopping :( although i shopped for shirts the other day >.< omoh..

thanks for following my twitter AmzDragonSlayer, i followed u back and followed this blog too ^__^ ur blog is great ;)

Chic Sassy Mom said...

I have few of this...I'm excited to try them out now. thanks sis for sharing. :)

I am gie said...

naku me too, I'm on a shopping ban,imposed by the loving husband. lol :D kaya I'm trying to stay away from NR muna, lalo na I'm itching to try their Rice mask sheets, always OOS :(

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