Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Tagaytay Family Weekend Date :)

Guess where these feet went one February weekend..

We were up and about early as we wouldn't want to waste my precious day-off so before 2pm, we were already ordering milk teas from Serenitea - Solenad II. They were having some kind of  a Valentine's day activity there and had the place all dressed up for it. Of course, we didn't let a good photo op pass..

I was just holding hubby's milk tea okay?

..and this rose-filled wall was kind of hard to resist too, so..

R holding her win from their search-a-word wall. 

Lunch was here, as per hubby's request..

LZM restaurant Solenad II Sta. Rosa Laguna feast on this humongous fried milkfish (about a kilo, I was told) nomnom..

..then we went further up to Tagaytay. Our first stop was People's Park In The Sky aka Palace In The Sky. Sad looking palace, i say. and I really wish their local government has plans to improve the place because there were lots of people visiting when we went there. not really expecting that. But the air up there was terrific! It was soo cold and windy up there, my fats didn't stand a chance! and the view's really awesome!

Not a place for "cute" photo ops, just look at my daughter's hair! lol

View from People's Park In The Sky view deck
I was negotiating with the hubby to bring us to the zoo but since he doesn't like going to places where animals run wild (see, he had a very traumatic experience with an ostrich back then when we visited Zoobic Safari.), he gave me 101 good reasons not to. lol. We went to People's Park aka Picnic Grove instead *this name changing thing gets a person terribly confused, you know* 

Kites! Kites! Kites!

My daughter wasn't really impressed with this "date", she was expecting a "mall" outing but the hubby and I decided to do something different that day so being the parent *and supreme beings of our house* we had our way. lol. She settled to checking out "Pasalubong" stalls around the area and bought keychains while we rested and had a little cuddle time with the little boy.. 

With all those walking we did at People's Park in the Sky, the little boy was dead tired and fast asleep by the time we reached Bag of Beans so I just grabbed a loaf of raisin bread and beef and gravy pot pie (their bestsellers). I hope to dine there another time so I could take lovely pictures of the place :)

All debates of where to dine were ended when we discovered the newly opened JT's Manukan (as in Joel Torre's Manukan. Yey they finally opened south!)

I was not really up for a photo op on this one.. 

Separate post on JT's Manukan soon :)

After dinner, the hubby was craving for something sweet and remembered Cafe On The Ridge, the one inside Taal Vista hotel. We ordered chocolate cake..

..and Choco Lava, and brewed coffee..

..we also went for a walk outside the Cafe, out back there's a park that provides an excellent view of Taal volcano but since it was already dark, not a thing could be seen there. I decided to practice lightology instead and took a picture of this tree, ending our Tagaytay Family Weekend Date tale!



Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Always have that precious family time together...Your kids will surely appreciate you for creating many happy memories together..

Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

I love seeing young family bonding together.

Always be an inspiration to others.

Wonder Woman said...

Aww. Cute kid! :)

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