Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Tuesday: Emo Gie, Avocado, Dreams, Boots, Steering Wheel and A Book

Every now and then, I question myself why I blog. I'm quite sure it's not for the money (last I checked, this blog earned $8 on adsense and payout is $100 so I still have 9 years before I could even ask for a payout. lol) and one blog post usually takes about an hour to complete - an hour better spent on other things like perhaps reading a book or playing with my kids or taking a nap. Obviously not popularity and recognition as I prefer to stay anonymous, if I can help it; case in point, I have 300+ friends on Facebook and only a dozen people know that I blog. 3 of them found the blog first before they were able to connect me to it. My social networks have different sets of people whereas if you find a person on my Instagram, don't expect him/her to be on my Facebook friends and even on my Twitter.

but still..

Maybe it's the feeling of being able to write down pieces of my life, like breadcrumbs on my trail so I won't get lost and I will be able to come back when need be. Be able to help other people to decide on things -even as small as where to eat or what best to pick up for a cleansing oil - just by writing. I made new friends through this blog, appreciative friends who are willing to share their lives with me as well. I will  be forever thankful for that :) and there's something more to it that I cannot really explain. maybe someday, I'll be able to put them to words, for now I'm just enjoying the feeling and bliss. 

so, I am now turning my *emo* mode off and on with my cheery blogging self :)

I really think avocados are the most versatile fruit ever, don't you think? I love them chunky with milk and ice. I dig avocado shakes too. they taste good on Mexican dishes. Avocado and honey make a good facial mask - very hydrating! Anyway, below is my hubby's version of avocado dessert: chilled avocado, condensed milk then sprinkled with sugar. yummo! :)

Here's a snapshot of our dreams coming true. I truly hope we make it. Wish us luck!  lots and lots of it :)

..and then my mother's gardening boots. I hate to hand these boots to my father, I would like to keep them, together with my mom's things I've been keeping in a special box since she went away. I know these boots were the closest to her heart. She literally walked in them.

after 3 long years, this steering wheel - and the rest of its car parts. lol - and I were reunited! I first drove on my own with this baby. we felt right for each other. ;)

If you're a mom who feels harassed with house/family chores all the time, please take time to read this book. it is not in any way profound but the main character, Eva, is very easy to relate to. Let her humor you. :)

so that's it! I wish everyone a nice week! :)

#Aug8isthebigday! :)

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