Saturday, July 21, 2012

I *heart* Original Carmex Jar!

So last April *hehe.. now you know how late this post is!* Carmex PH sent me a goodie bag for review. I got 2 click sticks, 1 squeeze tube and the original jar as seen here.

Truth be told, I wasn't in a real hurry to try Carmex as I was a fierce Alba Botanica lip balm fan and since I realized, it's not possible for me to go through all four Carmex products within, say, a year, I decided to give one of the click sticks to my BFF mommy T and the squeeze tube to my daughter, for review. lol :D The original jar and the Cherry click stick went straight to my purse. haha.

I really find the original jar interesting even before the goodie bag especially when I heard it works well with insect bites. Mommy mode on, Carmex can be used as antiseptic for minor cuts, burns and insect bites - and that's according to their site: Carmex website

It also claims to work on relieving the "itchies" caused by athlete's foot, for drying your pimples in record time,  and as a cuticle softener. Yeah, works on elbows and knees too. I cannot confirm these claims for now as I'm not sure if I would want to try Carmex on those areas but we will see. Perhaps if I buy a separate pot for body parts since I'm already using my current pot on my lips. *hello? from my lips to your athlete's foot?*

I think I started using this pot early June when I got this nasty sore in the corner of mouth and it was hella painful!! The BFF told me that her Carmex click stick worked well on his son's chapped lips so I gave my tin pot a chance. I'm so glad I did because I instantly felt good after applying it on my lips and to my surprise, it did more than sooth my lips; it definitely made it smoother! think happy, gliding lippie and you'll get what I mean :)

so, yeah, I'm a convert. hehe

In my book, Carmex is a medicated balm so it's definitely not your ordinary balm. I tried it on an insect bite and yes, it did something to it too (the sting disappeared after applying a thin layer on it) I like applying it to my lips before going to bed then a quick gentle lip scrub in the morning while taking a bath. Soft, baby lips the whole day, love! I now use this everyday, this tin pot, and the click stick is sitting pretty inside my bag :)

definitely purchasing another one as mine is already halfway down.

Oh, as it is a medicated balm, expect the "medicated" smell as well, like a Chinese balm but trust me, it's so good, you won't mind the smell. You'll get used to it anyway.

Thank you CarmexPH for this opportunity to get to know your products! I'm loving them :)

#lovingtheweather! :)


Hollie said...

I've never tried carmex before. Will definitely check that out.

I am gie said...

Hi Hollie! thanks for visiting! I highly recommend this for you to try. super galing nya in exfoliating the lips :)

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