Monday, July 23, 2012

Nature Republic Soothing Moisture Aloe 80% Toner Review

I meant to review this a long time ago but my camera sucks so I had to hijack my hubby's phone to be able to get better shots. ;)

This is my default toner because it is very mild and did not trigger my skin allergy. I love the smell too :)

Nature Republic Soothing Moisture Aloe 80% Toner
*lookie! it's almost gone ;)*

Okay, it doesn't do anything special but for me, its mildness is a big plus. My skin cannot stand too strong toners; I won't break out (pimple, acne etc) but as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, hives will come out - in FULL force!

One word of caution though, people with oily skin, please be careful when using this, as I think it encourages oilies to come out (perhaps it's the moisturizing component of this toner) :( in my honest opinion - and I'm a combi -  oilies will come out in 3-4 hours after application (this is wash-tone-moisturize only). doesn't matter though if you will use it under a mattifier (that is if you prime prior to makeup application)

It's 290Php from Nature Republic Festival Mall branch

so that's it! :)



Janet said...

I've tried this and I'm quite loving it too ^_~

I am gie said...

yep me too! I love the smell and that it's not sticky on face ^^

Ron said...

great reviews... ill sure to let my wife know about your blog...

cheers! :)

I am gie said...

Thank you Ron! thanks for visiting too :)

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