Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tony Moly Clean Dew Lemon Seed Massage Cream Review

I'm having a not so good day today and I'm in bad need of milk tea *can you make that a litre, pretty please?* It's review week at work and someone who is "overly" informed has been having the time of her life marking my work with ugly mistake marks. Mind you, my work is far from wrong, she is not even sure if her information is correct and acceptable, she just assumed. *sigh* :(

Moving on, here below is my favorite cleansing cream from Tonymoly :) I honestly think Tonymoly has the best Korean skincare products available locally, either that or i just got lucky, their products suit my skin very well. I've been testing a couple of brands and I find Tonymoly as the most effective for me. My only complaint is that Tonymoly doesn't have a branch or even a tiny stall anywhere south so basically, if I would like a Tonymoly fix, the nearest would be SM Makati, still a long travel from where I am now - well, thank God, not for long. hihi :)

150ml for only 198Php, not bad.
According to Tony Moly Philippines' official Facebook page:

Clean Dew Lemon Seed Massage Cream

This massage/cleansing cream has a skin brightening effect.

Tissue off Type
Contains Lemon extract / 10-Seed extract
For Oily / acne-prone skin
For people with a dark and somber skin tone
For people who want a light massage cream

Php 198

A squirt of yellow, creamy goodness ;)
I'm not a "whitening" type of person anymore - I once was, but not anymore; I'm more into "brightening" products now as I find them more helpful especially when I'm in a lot of stress - which happens a lot these days. Also, I realized, i like my discolorations too. lol :D

This indeed brightens the skin right after use. You can either tissue it off or wash it off with warm water (not tap as it won't completely come off if tap or cold) The smell is hands down LEMON and it can be overwhelming at first (I was ordered out of the room, the first time the sensitive-nosed hubby encountered the smell. lol) It is very creamy, a delight to apply :) What I super like about this cleansing cream is that it instantly melts off oil in the face. I use this in the morning (I hate morning oilies! nakakabwiset lang -.-) as well as when taking off my makeup because it does a really good job of picking up residues left by the oil-based makeup remover. I would compare this to your good ol' Pond's cold cream, yeah, the smell too.

I'm also digging its packaging. I like that it is in a tube rather than in a tub as it is more hygienic that way. very convenient to bring when traveling. It didn't irritate my skin too. While it is effective in melting and keeping the oilies at bay, it didn't dry out my skin so that would also be a plus for me since I have combi skin. 

Except for the strong smell -which you can get used to after some time - there's nothing I don't like about this product. I highly recommend if you're looking for a good cleansing cream :)

#irefusetobeharassed! :D


aMz88 said...

i loved the lemon seed cleanser, this sounds great too :) i super agree that Tony Moly is the best out there when it comes to skin care, i tried couple of other korean brands but this is the best for me too <3


aMz88 said...

Great Review! i super agree with y0u that Tony Moly have the best skin care prods out of all korean brands, i honestly think they really do, i tried the lemon seed cleanser its great and also some other prods :)


Janet said...

Thanks for sharing this review! I'll try on this..^_~

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