Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Tuesday: Taho, Facial Sponge, Kamay ni Hesus and Longganisang Lucban!

One of the many things I love about my husband is that he pays attention to the things I blabber about. He may not show it at the moment - he's the silent type, the complete opposite of me - but he remembers tiny details which I usually forget an hour or so after my "monologue".

Last week, I blabbered in passing about my wanting 2 eggs and 5 pandesals for breakfast and he supplied me the exact things in exact amounts specified for 5 mornings straight before going to work which indeed amused me. On the 5th day, I told him, no more eggs for me. I'm done with eggs.

Then one time after the egg diet, I whined about craving for taho. The next morning, taho was what i got for breakfast. lol :D

Sweet, little gestures that make me weak at the knees :)

I'm now developing a very bad habit of swatching every makeup product I see at the mall. I can now tell the difference between a NYX primer and a Revlon one, how it felt and how my skin reacted. You can throw me a question about dupes and I can throw back a reco or two and where to buy it. lol :D  After a month-long-makeup-buying frenzy, I've, once again, put myself into a buying ban. I now find refuge in swatching. lol :D 

A mindless PCX stroll led me to a wall-full of bath tool goodies and look what I found: Aqua Massage Naturale Demaquillage Cellulose Sponge! This is goood stuff, i highly recommend! Full review to come (as requested by my Instafriend @mzhellakitty ;)

2 sponge "cookies" for 52.75Php
My poor feet after climbing the very steep hill of Kamay ni Hesus. I was puffing and huffing and sweating all over but since I was there to ask for a "sign", I just take the struggle as a necessary offer, something I should give in order to receive better and clearer signs :) to be honest, I thought I would pass out after reaching the top and I resisted the urge to roll on my way down. gahh. it was that hard.

..and this would be the highlight of my Lucban, Quezon trip: Longganisang Lucban! Okay, not exactly, since the baby puked on me minutes before we reached Kamay ni Hesus, and my daughter managed to break the straps of her flipflops while strolling around. lol :D Nonetheless, it was a trip to remember.

My hubby is a shutterbug. Here below is a photo of my little boy and I while resting halfway the steep climb, taken by my husband. ^^

#letthegoodvibesroll! :)

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