Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Online Order Gone Bonkers. last Monday I ordered and paid for something online. Instead of going through traditional route of doing business with the seller directly, I opted to transact via site and paid using my PayPal as I thought it's safer that way. A huge mistake.

Now my order is put onhold because I need to verify my PayPal account (payment method of choice) first by:
1. scanning and forwarding 2 government issued IDs
2. scanning and forwarding the credit card attached to my PayPal account.

I'm not even sure if that's a safe thing to do, scan and forward through freakin' email your personal documents.

..and I was notified of this "verification" process AFTER the payment was posted. It was properly received by them the same day and was even acknowledged by them right after and was once again mentioned in their "verification" message. The order even reflects "shipping" on site, but it was now put "onhold". The amount was deducted against my PayPal account, as expected. I paid last Monday.

and today is Wednesday already.

and my order is worth 660Php only.


I'm not going to name names now but if this won't clear up real soon, I will definitely blog about it just so people would know what to expect when they hit that big, friendly-looking "BUY NOW" button.



Tin | The Average Jane said...

I've always been skeptical about using my paypal account for puchsing items online. Now I'm more scared of suing it because of this post. =(

Hope everything goes well soon.

I am gie said...

I'm still waiting for their reply,kept me awake all night btw. lol :D

This is not my first time naman to use PayPal for paying, ang weird lang they asked for my personal documents to be submitted through email. I don't have anything against verification, it's THEIR verification process that irks me. imagine naman, after receiving my payment/money, saka lang naisipan magverify, with matching pasubmit pa ng mga personal docs?! ano to, scam? kundi ko lang kilala sila as big site, I would say it's a scam.

I forwarded na may drivers license but not the other two. sabi ko na lang if that is unacceptable then I'll just cancel my order and ask for a refund. maybe that's what taking them too long to respond now - the refund part. lol :D


wendy said...

ewww! why?

i used my paypal account several times but never got a problem with it... and ne3ver encountered such requirements. a paypal account is supposed to make your financial records secured as you don't need to divulge these details.

but trhen again, i never purchased anything from a philippine-based online company.

Hollie said...

I've had my paypal account for years now and had it verified right after I added my credit card under my account. Fortunately for me, I never had transaction problems with my paypal whether it be sending or receiving money.

btw, I was never asked to send such documents you mentioned above, so that smells fishy to me. Be cautious with sending that info.

I am gie said...

Hi Holly! PayPal is good. Yung Multiply lang talaga ang magulo. Ako din pala magulo ang pagkakakwento. hehe :D Iordered and paid kasi through MULTIPLY then after receiving my payment, they put my order onhold kasi they need to verify pa daw my identity. sabi ko nga e, naverify nako ng PayPal,bat kelangan ko pa magsubmit ng personal documents sa kanila (Multiply)? ano pang point ng paggamit ng PayPal?

fishy, yes, same sentiments here :)

Michelle said...

Hmmm... Problem po ba ng paypal or ng shop? If you have problem with the shop you can issue dispute sa Paypal and they will refund the money to your paypal. I was recently billed without my consent by a webhosting company here in the Philippines and I filed a dispute about it. They reviewed for a while and after few days, binalik din sa account ko. It was deducted directly sa credit card ko and sa credit card din pupunta ang refund. I still prefer paypal for payments online lalo na yang feature service nila.

I am gie said...

Hi Michelle, it was MULTIPLY mismo. as in MULTIPLY ang nagkaproblem. not the seller, not PayPal. apparently, pag ginamit mo yung "BUY NOW" (check out) button then magpay ka using PayPal or credit card, magrequire sila ng mga documents to verify your identity. one time lang daw for that account. ewan. I'm still not convinced especially yung forwarding ng documents over email. that's just so wrong.

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