Friday, June 22, 2012

What Made Me Happy Today: HS Friends and Floral Flats!

I just got home from meeting up with my HS friends. I must admit, when I saw them, that was the only time I realized I truly missed them so yeah, it felt really good to be chatting *ahem, loudly* and having lunch with them - a lunch that sort of included merienda since the gang broke up at around 3pm already. lol :D

My friend D - yep, THE guest blogger-slash-awesome mommy D was with me as she is part of my HS group too as told here - needed to check on her pre-registration booth for some event in SM San Pablo so we tagged along as I was planning to get a foundie. We were with another friend, K, who is really based in Doha but currently visiting the Philippines with her lovely kids. I love K, we have never had an argument,  not even once, and I'm talking about 19 years here. and we share a certain kind of addiction: shopping. lol :D come to think of it, C and G, the other two who also made it this afternoon, I've managed to maintain very clean slates with, too. ^^

So just imagine, two long time shop-loving friends with nothing really important to do, in a mall. 

Yep, we bought matching floral flats. Hers, a size nine; mine, an eight.

And we plan to go to the next get together-slash-HS reunion wearing our babies. lol :D

Sole mates floral flats 299Php @SM malls. cute :)

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