Sunday, June 17, 2012

Foodstop: TBS Blue Corner at Paseo de Sta. Rosa

What a tiring day/week/month! I wish I have more time to blog-hop, I miss my blogpeeps :((

Anyway, I know there are lots of food choices when in Sta. Rosa, specifically when in Paseo de Sta. Rosa area. However, TBS Bluecorner shouldn't go unnoticed even if it's located at the back of Paseo's wet market, making it a real hidden gem of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Okay, don't let the words "wet market" put you off, there's nothing dirty here, not even a faint smell of what a normal wet market should be.

If you are not from around here or not really familiar with the area, I doubt if you would venture this way searching for a place to eat. Like I said, it's basically within the wet market area albeit in one corner and out back, away from the wet market action. I won't say though that the place is not popular among the high-end crowd as I often see not-so-cheap cars parked here and there as well as English-speaking toddlers running around while their parents eat in peace. lol :D I heard TBS Bluecorner is also popular with the call center crowd which explains the beer-drinking sessions morning, noon and night. Don't worry though, they are very tame and not so loud when drinking and they sit away from eating families :)

TBS Bluecorner is "turo-turo" style but you can also order from their waitresses roaming their designated areas. Just be careful when sitting and ordering; take note that there are two other carinderias just beside TBS and if you happen to sit on one of their benches, you are automatically THEIR customer.

pwede ang"kain-kargador" dito ;)
My hubby was the one who discovered TBS. He played ball in one of the villages and was brought here for dinner. He then brought us here and we enjoyed the food which led to another visit. then once more.. and again.. and again..

Gutom na, my mag-ama.
Service is fast and their waitresses are very attentive. You don't even need to call them twice. Average waiting time is  no more than 15 minutes.

TBS menu (prices included)
I like that their prices are very affordable and there is something for everyone. When in TBS, don't forget to order their Bulalo. It's goooood. However, if a bowl seems big for you, fret not, free soup when you order. :)

I fell inlove with this baby the first time I laid my eyes on her. Meet my sweetheart, sizzling blue marlin. :)

..and this is my hubby's favorite, sizzling pusit. she's good too. i love :)

My daughter is a picky eater and would rather die hungry than eat something that is not fried, especially if it's not pork. Here, she makes an exception. Although not fried, she loves their sizzling liempo :)

I honestly think it's the sauce. Whatever it is that makes their dishes really special, I'm giving them 5/5 as overall rating.


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