Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cleansing Diets, Do They Work?

I've always been fascinated with cleanse/cleansing diets, well, eversince Beyonce told Oprah that she turned to liquid diet which she called as "Master Cleanse fast" back then, to help her lose pounds. I'm going to admit it here, just by looking at what a cleanse diet involves, it's enough to send me home crying, scared and scarred for life! I mean, The Lemonade diet in particular, did you know that when you engage in such diet, there will be no food and no other liquid to consume for days but the lemonade concoction? which I really don't think is palatable in the first place. and yes, it won't require you to exercise; you won't have the energy to do so anyway.

So moving forward, aside from losing some pounds, I'm particularly interested in removing toxins from my body. I've always believed that toxins inside the body is the, first and foremost, cause of cancer. Yeah, I'm weird like that but I find my theory more sensible than what other people come up these days. lol :D

I've been keeping an eye on cleansing diets for quite some time now and what I would like is something that would help me remove toxins but still keep my energy at its normal level - at the very least - because as you all know, I work 9-5 and 5-9 ie round the clock and a mom like me cannot afford a day without energy to work on chores. I personally prefer a cleansing diet complete with a support team (doctors, if not asking too  much) who knows something about proper cleanse, to guide me how to do it properly. Can you tell that I am hesitating? :) My idea of a best cleanse program would be something that is strongly supported by the medical community or at the very least, something that has been proven safe and effective for humans with a support team of medically trained staff to answer my concerns. A detailed testimonial - or two, about it, would also be nice, like this one here: Clean Program reviews

How about you? What do you think? Have you tried cleansing diets?

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Anna Ho said...

These "fad diets" are quick fixes more than anything. Whether it is to help you lose the water weight or to temporarily deplete your carbohydrate stores, they are not permanent changes. By eating the same thing and depriving yourself from other valuable nutrients, it just isn't good and I do not agree with it. I definitely agree with you on how toxins are carcinogenic, and there are tons of research that supports that. I have not tried a colon clense myself (I don't really want to enduce diarhea as some of the products seem to suggest), but you can definitely discuss with a doctor. The other way to go about it is to eat foods high in antioxidants, as well as consuming a high fibre diet. Fibre is great for your colon health and many other things.

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