Friday, April 20, 2012

What Made Me Happy Today: Carmex and Book Reader App Update. Yey!

Okay, this Carmex mail made me happy YESTERDAY. I got glued to the tube watching Walking Dead (which is pretty awesome and addicting if you ask me although I think they could use some more hunky babes there!) that by the time I was able to walk away from it, it was very late and Mr. C was really really cranky. lol :D 

These are for review so I better get my lazy bum up and start using these babies!

Thank you Carmex PH! ^^

I'm a voracious reader and I'm currently using a BB Playbook to read ebooks (since the hubby became very cranky about my paperbacks and hardbounds, claiming that they were taking too much space and pretty soon, they would replace the beds, sofas etc) Anyway, the other night, I uploaded new ebooks and updated my PB's OS before turning in for the night. Morning came and *surprise! surprise!* Book Reader app got buggy due to the OS update not being compatible with the app (aka no access to ebooks for the next few hours/days).

*insert royally p*ssed face here*

Yesterday the app was fixed by Untangled Development (and pretty fast, I will have to say) but since RIM takes their sweet time reviewing and propagating apps - which explains sucky PB apps and yes, I am ranting - it is only this morning that the Book Reader app was made available for me to upgrade. Hohwell..

Here below is Igor's (Book Reader developer) email this morning which made me try the update again. 

Excellent support!

Seeing this so early in the morning made me wanna kiss Igor - and I told him so. lol :D Now I'm "reunited" with my favorite author, John Grisham and together we will take a journey through his new book "Calico Joe" ;)


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