Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ribs, Wings and Fries: Chubby's Rib Shack

Yet another late, late post! Before ATC finally decided to expand and improve their dining selections, Solenad II-Sta. Rosa (Laguna) was our favorite. Chubby's Rib Shack is one of the latecomers as there are now only less than 5 stalls yet to open. Nonetheless, Chubby's Rib Shack is a hit since it closes very late, serves beer, good portioning, prices are very reasonable and of course, food is good ^^ 

Their staff was very accommodating and helpful. During our first visit, we were not sure what to order but they didn't hesitate to throw in some suggestions on what to get and what to expect.

Look at that, description alone can make you want to order more - which we did. lol :D

Ninja shot 1:  Wings menu
I took ninja shots of their menu as I'm really really bad at prices and names. You see eating for me, demands full and undivided attention. lol :D I don't think ninja shots were necessary though as they didn't seem to mind my taking pictures of their place.

Ninja shot 2: BBQ menu
As we were only trying out the place the first time, we ordered default: fries and wings.

Chili Cheese Fries is definitely the way to go! Ms. R and I love fries and this passed - with flying colors - our palate rating scale. sooo good! :)

..and because CCF has chilis in it, we ordered some more drinks. lol :D then came the wings..

Honey BBQ wings
Buffalo Wings - The Rookie with Bleu Cheese
Okay, I'm not really into buffalo wings unless it is from Pizza Hut which I think is nowhere near the authentic taste of a buffalo wing. For me, buffalo wings, in general, is too sour and  I just can't take the smell so you just have to trust my hubby on this one and he said it's two thumbs up (I meant to insert his silly, oh-so-good photo here but the baby accidentally deleted it from my mobile phone -.-)

Second visit, I ordered pulled pork. It was good but I was soo full - from drinking too much milk tea - I ended up with a doggie bag. lol :D

Good thing too they know how to keep the kids busy while the adults busy themselves eating wings - and making a mess out of it!

C prefer to color this way. With him on top of the table. ^^
I'm not really sure if they have a website so I am linking you guys to their Facebook page.


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Anonymous said...

I am still on planing stage,i have cousins, nephew and nieces there! i will definitely let you know when my store is up :) thank you so much for passing by Ms. Gie. I always read your blog and other mom bloggers.hehehe

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