Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Random Tuesday: Skittles, Tokidoki Wallpaper, Kisses, Beauty Credit, Simsimi Nails And Some More Kisses :)

A trip to Subic will never be complete without chocolates and candies, methinks. My kids usually go on a chocolate and candy binge when in Subic and honestly, I don't mind since I indulge too. lol :) *bad mommy!*

Want some? :)

..I grew tired of my iTouch's wallpaper so I decided to look around the internet for a cutesy replacement. I was going for something kawaii, instead I found some Tokidoki wallpapers for iPhone (which is also suitable for iTouch) Oh my, how cute!! here below is my current wallpaper..

Tokidoki wallpaper for iTouch

I don't know about you but my ultimate comfort food would be chocolates. Hershey's Kisses to be exact.  :) They never fail to make me smile :)

..I was lucky enough to be reading Mommy Des' blog when she posted about Beauty Credit's store in Subic. Right in time too as we were just planning to go there the following week. Lo and behold, I found them (and the Korean store next to it that sells Lotte ice cream *divine*) 

Now the sweetest deal would be their 70% off on some products (toner, emulsion etc) , they also have 50% off on cosmetics (eyeshadows, lippies etc) and 20% on BB creams and haircare products. Sweet!! :)

..I painted my nails yellow before we left for Subic, only I wasn't really pleased with the result. Klik nail polish's consistency is too thin that even on 3rd layer, it didn't do a good job on coloring my nails. Good thing we stopped by my sister's place and she let me use her perfectly good Skin Food nail polish in glittery pink (i think it was meant to be used on feet. lol) I painted half of my nails with it and we laughed so hard when we saw the end-result :D

Simsimi nails :D :D :D
..for some reason, my little boy loves to bite me. Take note, only me. My chin is his favorite part of my face to  sink his teeth into. It used to hurt then when he was younger but not anymore since he doesn't bite too hard now. I think he's more conscious now not to hurt mommy too much :)

#holyweek!kisses! :)


Tin | The Average Jane said...

Love chocolates too! But I'm on a diet. Huhuhu! =(

I am gie said...

ay super hirap magdiet sis! lalo na pag under pressure ako from work, nakoooo.. chocolates talga! lol :D

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Bet ko talaga yang Simsimi nails mo.

BTW, The Learners Academy is located at near SPC. Right across the back entrance of Liceo. :)

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