Friday, April 27, 2012

C's First Ever Big Screen Experience: The Avengers

Yesterday marked a very important milestone in C's life. It's his first ever big screen experience! Yey!

Yep, it was a success and I'm very proud of my son because at 1 year and 7 months, he was able to finish the whole movie without any fuss. Okay, I had to let out my boobies twice - thank goodness, it was dark and the cinema was not that full as it was a Thursday afternoon. lol.

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It was a really nice movie, The Avengers. We had fun! It was an impromptu movie date for me as I was not really planning to go out that day (I was all cough and sniffles -.-) but all three of them were too excited and they practically dragged me out of the house - which explains the uneven eyebrows and haphazardly applied makeup. lol :D

There was a point when C got restless and he started walking side to side but he didn't really go far. Then he got bored and decided to sleep, which means "dede" time. He climbed up onto my lap and fell asleep soon after. He spent the last half of the movie sleeping. lol :D We didn't mind, we were just happy we could concentrate on the movie instead.

If you are planning to bring your baby to a movie house too, just make sure the baby is not afraid of the dark to begin with. And bring his or her favorite munchies. And lots of distraction - ours was an iTouch loaded with his beloved apps and videos. lol :D


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