Friday, April 13, 2012

My Ultimate Comfort Food: Pho Hoa's Pho Bo Kho (Beef Stew Noodles)

..Aannnnd because I need a lot of "comforting" these days (I think it is THAT time of the month for me when all my lower part/half of the body does is to be constantly upset and painfully numb, giving me chest aches and unbelievably crazy mood swings aka PMS)  I am posting my ULTIMATE comfort food:  Pho Hoa's Beef Stew Noodles.

I know, i know. I should have posted something with ice or at the very least, something cool to the eye. Here below is not anywhere near the aforementioned descriptions. It is a beef soup, therefore it should be served and consumed hot (unless you want to end up with a beef flavored lip balm on top of your soup) and it is fiery red because it has lots of chilis in it. and onion rings. lol :D 

 Beef is perfectly tender and served in generous portions, so does the noodles. I honestly think that their price (small bowl is 200+Php but no more than 250Php as of January-ish) is reasonable as it can be shared by two.

I like mine with a squeeze of lemon. nomnom :)

The hubby and the kids don't share my love for this beef noodles; I really don't mind. I'd be glad if they pass and let me eat my beef noodles in peace ^^


FYI, Pho Hoa is a Vietnamese resto/chain that serves authentic Vietnamese dishes. They also have several branches in and out of the metro - ATC have one - and indeed, branches outside of the Philippines  (US, Canada and other Asian countries).

#absolutelynoshare!kisses! :)

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