Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why We Love Bonchon Chicken :)

It's funny how you - most of the time - fail to blog about the things that matter most right? Like it's really a part of you and that it has become really common - to you, at least - that you forget it is something worth blogging about..

Bonchon is one of them..

The first Bonchon branch we  ever  visited.  Katipunan branch.
While there was quite a buzz about Bonchon's chicken, we were in no hurry to try it. In fact, we were more interested with Manang's chicken at that time that it managed to make us be present on the first day Soderno opened its door down South. Our first taste of Manang's chicken didn't make the expected impact maybe because we were able to try Bonchon the next day and was MIGHTILY impressed by it!

Greasy, yummy Chap Chae

We were staying at my sister's place (Katipunan area) and the building facing Ateneo has Bonchon which is just a short walk from where we were so we decided to have lunch there. It was a Sunday so the place was not jampacked (I heard it can be so full Monday-Saturday that it is usually standing-room only) 

I think these are thighs. They don't look like wings.
FYI, BonChon Chicken is a Korean fried chicken restaurant that has gone semi-global as they now have branches in the US, Philippines and Thailand. Unlike your standard issue fried chicken, BonChon's is twice fried so it is crunchier. You can choose between soy garlic and hot (spicy). We always go for the soy garlic kind as the hot ones tend to be TOO hot for the whole family. :)

Take out chicken fillet, for those who hate bones ^^
We tried their chicken fillet too. While it tasted same as the wings and thighs, I would have to say, this is my least favorite as I like my fried chicken to have bones to suck on afterward. lol :D mi bebe agrees ^^ 

Take out Bonchon Wings
If you are aiming for the full BonChon experience, I would suggest you order the wings. I assure you there's nothing quite like it. This is my current "sarap-to-the-bones" chicken! 

In observance of the Lenten season, they came up with their very own Lent specials; Crispy Squid Rice is one of them.

Lent Special Crispy Squid Rice *love* :)
Still not convinced? I'll let Mr. C here convince you how good BonChon can get. lol :D

C getting his Bonchon wings fix ^^

That's his second wing, btw.

PRICES AND BRANCHES HERE: BonChon website *yey ATC branch!* ^^

#goteambonchon!kisses! :)


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Idamay mo naman ako sa food trip mo kapatid! Haha! :D

I am gie said...

haha halata ba katakawan? :D naku kung may sariling sasakyan nga lang ako, aba nahakot ko na kayong mag-ina papunta kung san san! :D sige sige, arrange natin yan ^^

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