Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NOT MY USUAL MONDAY: Guest Blogger D and Her Trip to Cintai by Corito's Garden

Today, I am going to welcome my first ever guest blogger and good friend D, with her featured blog post, discussed over  pizza and a slice of chocolate cake last week. lol. Didn't expect her to come up with something like this. This place is so amazing! I am pasting her article (text part), dispersed between these awesome photos she managed to take during her trip. So, let's start! ~g

Dear Ms. G,

For some reasons, I am not knowledgeable on using any domain to create my blog, nevertheless, I still took time typing my so called blog post using the Microsoft Word, so much to thank to our computer class back in HS

As promised, I took some time out from my busy schedule as a 30something mom blogger to bring information and even fun to your readers! More power and more blogs to come!

Please bear with me, I am just so scared cause I am not as a good writer as you! I just hope I can bring fair justice on this

Ms. D


My Mondays are usually dedicated to running errands, checking bank payments and marathon meetings but this time around, I took a time off to my usual Mondays to be with my Family. It is also a great timing because it’s Summer naman! At least for a while, we can feel the Summer break and not only the Summer heat!

We decided to go on a road trip, not so near yet not too far, just an hour drive from San Pablo City (Laguna) via Lipa shortcut route. I have discovered this Balinese-inspired garden turned into its own paradise. 

The place is more on a relaxation, quiet time and “finding-yourself” peg! There’s no other activity to do than swimming and taking pictures with amazing and gigantic Balinese carvings!

A bit-pricey for a practical wifey, all-around mom like me but you can never go wrong with the ambiance and experience you will have inside the garden. (For a day tour package, including lunch and PM snack is at 1500 per adult and 800 per child plus the taxes. Villas for overnight stays are available, you can check their website!) At least we have sojourned once in Bali in Balete and not in Indonesia well, nevertheless it is still a lot cheaper than booking a flight to Indonesia! Hahaha

The sun was really up but daughter and I managed to look around the whole place. Took pictures of each and every angle of the garden.

We were amazed by beautiful statues and carvings!

Lunch is served at your assigned cottage. Food is pretty much ok, serving is good enough (actually more than) to fill our empty stomach. I haven’t gone to the food critic stage yet, for a 30something mom who doesn’t have the know-how in the kitchen, magrereklamo pa ba ako?? Whatever looks good and smells good, is still palatable for my taste buds! Wahaha Service wise is fair enough, staffs have been pleasant in accommodating us.

To sum this up, I can recommend Cintai Corito’s Garden for a quick escape from your ordinary, routinary, stressful Manic Mondays!

Btw, it’s open any time of the week, it just so happened we visited it on a Monday!

Below are some more photos I grabbed from Miss D's Facebook account, with her permission, of course. And since these are NOT my photos, EACH AND EVERY photo you can find within this post (watermarked and otherwise) cannot be used/reproduced as copyrights belong to Miss D ;) ~g

Thank you Miss D! I had fun sorting your photos (all 100+ of them!) and I wish I could post them all here as they are really really amazing however photo size limits got in the way. And, no need to be scared, you did really well on your first blog post! I look forward to more guest postings from you!

Miss D is a passionate traveler. Social events organizer by profession, she is the person behind Just For Fun. For inquiries re: social events needs, please contact her through this number: 09175004307. 

For more information about Cintai by Corito's Garden, please visit their website: http://www.coritosgarden.com/

#dreamingofbali.sigh :)


Kat said...

good job Dang! more travel blogs in the future! :)

and good job Gie on convincing Dang to write about her experience. :)

I am gie said...

kinuconvince ko nga sha na magblog na din kasi madali lang naman. hehe, konti na lang, oo na din yan ^^

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