Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random Tuesday: Ogoy, Joel Osteen, Paperbag, David Levithan and Php5 Coffee!

Someone's getting busy spamming my blog, leaving totally unrelated comments and obscene links. I didn't approve them so the comments were not published and they were deleted but the sheer number of them made me a little annoyed (okay, A LOT!) I hope it's a bot, not a real, live person because that would be rude. Anyway, onto my Random Tuesday!

I'm Dora the Explorer these days! We moved to a new city - which explains my month-long absence - and some snooping around is in order. I found this during one of my explorations: Ogoy. I was told these crunchy breadsticks are perfect for dipping in a hot cup of Barako coffee.

This is really good. and cheap too (Php35 for a pack)

I think I'm falling inlove with podcasts! I downloaded a couple of LibriVox recordings, some pilates and yoga videos and Joel Osteen here. JO's podcasts come weekly and each is 30 minutes long. I listen to him everynight :)

..and because most cities in the Philippines are now "plastic-free", paperbags take center stage! I love how Pan de Manila made theirs cute and informative. that's Vigan, home of the yummy, famous Vigan empanadas. very nice :)

..and this is my 10-year old daughter. She stays with my dad (just until schoolyear ends) and she visited for the weekend. I miss her everyday :(

This book is *love*, if you're looking for a good book to read, give this a try :)

..and my greatest discovery so far! I present, the Php5 cup of coffee! lol :D

#sogoodtobeback :)

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