Monday, September 24, 2012

My Busted Diet! Krispy Kreme's New Nestle Chocolate Collection

Hello. Hello :)

Today marks the first day of my yoga + riceless diet. I'm dead serious about this, you know. No more dilly dallying. Wanna know why? Well, a very recent trip to a fitting room did the job. There I was standing in my topless gloriousness when it all hit me: my belly is a saggy mess and my arms are jiggling like a jell-o and my thighs are not doing any better. It was really a sad, sad sight that I fled the fitting room like a mad woman.


I don't think it's possible to say no to these babies. I mean, seriously, Nestle donuts? 

Krispy Kreme's New Nestle Chocolate Collection
I have yet to meet Mr. Crunch here. He's always sold out, as I was told. Here below are my boys' favorites:

Baby Ruth

Best paired with brewed coffee :)



Janet said...

haha super agree!! who can resist these babies...YUM~ ditch diet and say hello to these babies..=)

Anna Ho said...

You could try switching to brown rice instead of completely getting rid of rice from your diet. I am not a believer of making changes that won't last, but you should definitely keep up with the daily yoga. You should also look into home workout video programs like turbo jam (that's what I do) or the new one called turbo fire. There's also slim in 6, hip hop abs, so many out there to try. I know a few years back, I was trying to find swimsuit and I didn't like how they looked on me due to my body issues as well. >_< You're not alone!

I am gie said...

hip hop abs, crazy as hell hard!! I was sweating like crazy on half mark, lol. but it was fun :) I like yoga because of the phase but some poses are really hard. i do pilates too, sometimes. :) I'm still breastfeeding my baby so when he weans, I'm going back to the gym for some toning up :)

KBFit said...

Hip Hop abs is pretty intense! Great workout though. The first Beachbody workout I ever tried was px90 it was really intense but not over the top,and I saw results fairly quickly!

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