Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mood Matchy Matchy: Fran Wilson Mood Matcher 12 hr Lip Color Review

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick, you made it worth my mad-dashing to ATC last Monday! lol :D

My BFF is a self-confessed magic lipstick girl while I, I don't know, I just didn't take them seriously maybe because they reminded me of all those Barbie "lipsticks" I tantrum-ed for when I was a kid ~ pretty but useless. lol :D

but you know how endless harping and praising by your BESTFRIEND could get you to, at least, be curious about something right? So when this appeared on my Instagram newsfeed ~ posted by Beauty bar Philippines, I got curious and checked it out on makeupalley (where honest ratings of  makeup-loving ladies go) Whoa! It's 4.7 out of 5. Impressive!   

According to site, its strongest point would be its lasting power, 12 hours as claimed. I think there are 10 different colors to choose from, which are all available at Beauty Bar - ATC! Yey! The most popular ones are red and green. I got orange because according to their website, it turns to *shades of coral*. not on my lips though. it turned magenta-ish on me. lol. not a color spectrum I expected but it was nice. :)

Fran Wilson Mood Matcher 12 hr Lip Color in Orange 195Php

You see, that's the fun part of using magic lippies, you just don't know what you'll be sporting next. One time, I sported a BRIGHT PINK from the same stick. lol :D it was funny. :D

as for the staying power, YES, it stayed on my lips for a long time but definitely not STRONG 12 hours! partly because it's more of a tint (minus the dryness if you use regular tints like Benetint or Tony Moly Cherry tint) than a regular lipstick (say, Revlon lippies?) It feels like gloss on lips but it stains ~ so all good there. Another thing to consider is that it fades on "wetter" areas while the "drier" areas of your lips stay true to its "chosen color of the day". then the faded areas turn to yet another color/shade that it is possible to end with ombre lips if you don't check frequently enough. The plus side though is that it looks really natural on lips so if you end up with ombre lips, people would just assume you have "natural" ombre lips. lol. just kidding :) please do check once in a while. the stick is as fickle minded as me when it comes to color of the day :)

It has a funny smell ~ uhm, "granny lippy" smell? but its tolerable. to take this off, you will need an oil based makeup remover. your plain ol' tissue doesn't stand a chance as it really really REALLY stains the lips. :)

not drying at all which I love, love, love! can withstand eating and drinking. doesn't transfer *hubby approves*

hmm.. what else? ahh, 195Php for a stick. Beauty Bar Philippines has them online and instore. They also come in a box ~ not sure how many inside though ~ which is a little under 1k. Perfect if you are thinking of buying several for friends, etc.

Packaging is a little *bleh*, it looks flimsy but it is sturdy enough to be carried around. and it locks when you put the cap back on so this baby is safe when inside your bag. Careful with the cap as the stick doesn't go all the way down.

Last words? Fun. Natural looking. Cheap. Fun *again* lol :D :D


jonnah jill said...

a really great buy! i gave the set which has 5 lippies. i love them! :-)

I am gie said...

Hi Jonnah! 5 pala ang laman nung box? I hesitated getting the boxed set kasi parang hindi ko feel yung brown, e baka mapasama sa box. lol :D I'm eyeing the deeper red though, meron ka swatch? :) Thanks for visiting! :)

Jonnah jill said...

hi, sis! wala akong swatch eh pero here's a pic of me wearing the red lippie.

jonnah jill said...

here's another pic. lol inupload ko sa fb ko para makita mo, haha!

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