Monday, November 19, 2012

Mommy's Cheap Thrills: Shawill Blusher #01

Good morning Monday! BV people go away *erm, forever?* :D

You know how it is when you go out and shop and got everyone else in the family a little something only to realize that you didn't get anything for yourself at all and there's only 150Php in your pocket? Story of my life. lol :D

Usually I get myself a bottle of nailpolish and a cup of milk tea just to tide me over until the next payday ~or personal allowance~ but this time I found myself at Shawill's counter and face to face with some gorgeous looking blushers! I was intrigued by the shades they offer. The blushers look "matte" and exactly what I was looking for ~contrary to their eyeshadows which all look shimmery. The blushers look really nice. I decided to go with the ones in black compact instead of the cutesy [cheaper Php99] pink ones ~and I don't know why too!

I was looking for something "orangey" and the testers.., well, I don't know why but, this #01 shade looked orange enough for me when I was testing it but when I came home and opened it, it's reddish. I guess the closest shade to properly describe this would be "Coral" so yeah, I'm still okay with this ~but still eyeing #04, that's the orangey shade according to my research. lol >.<

Shawill Blusher #01 Php138
Shawill Blusher #01 "pan" shot
This blusher is such a revelation! It's smooth to apply and not chalky at all. Looks natural on me and not cheapy, if you ask me. very much buildable and good pigmentation. Shot below is two swipes already so I usually need just one since I have this habit of applying cheek tint underneath. Staying power is decent enough. Use it with a primer and it stays on all through the day but without primer, reapplication by midday perhaps. The amount of product in pan is just right ~as you can see, when you flip the blusher open, there's a free brush underneath so by calculation, there's only a decent amount of product in there but that's okay because I don't want too many of it anyway ~i need it to be almost empty before expiration date, you see. so I won't feel bad throwing it away.

While I'm loving the product itself, I really think the compact [case ~whatever you call it] sucks. lol :D it feels what, flimsy? that's why I don't carry it around in my bag. The brush is almost useless [go see first photo] mas malago pa ang walis ng auto supply! [walis with bangs post] but honestly, for its price, sulit na! Better buy a Z-palette then depot. lol :D


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Janet said...

hahhaa, agree on the brush!!bakit pa nila nilagay yan sus sana wag nalang cla maginclude ng brush kung ganyan ang quality! infairness, the shade is so pretty ^_~

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