Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm a Convert! Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover

Whenever I stop by a Tony Moly counter, I never go away empty-handed. True story. lol :D 

That one time the budget was tight, I ended up picking a nail polish remover [Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover]. haha. I was running out of it anyway and for the price and size, it's worth forgoing a box of nose pore strip - which I bought the next day anyway. ;)

Tony Moly Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover 128Php
Party Lover Nail Enamel Remover Description according to their website:

Nail remover which is high cleansing power and low stimulant. Vitamin E and moisture ingredients of Keratin protect nail and sensitive skin around nails

I'm loving this! This smells sweet - not too sweet, just right - and gentler to the nails, methinks, than the other Korean brand I wrote about before. I'm so glad I picked this up as I plan to experiment with my nails following my success with matte nails [just yesterday!] I went ahead and picked up bottles of nude and orange nail polishes. If only I didn't forget to bring my little collection last week [from the "other home" to "this home"], I would have started my solo-matte-nails party last night. lol ;)

#seeyah! :)


Janet said...

thanks for sharing this! I would check this out ^_~

Hollie said...

oh cool, it's only 128.00 pesos. I'll try to look for that, I hope I can find it. Tony Moly stalls here in Cebu always have limited stocks.

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