Saturday, October 27, 2012

Matte Nails Success With Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat! Yay!

Hello. Hello :) kamusta naman ang bed weather dito sa Philippines today! Now all I want to do is stay in bed and sleep. lol :D

It took me forever to finally try this matte top coat from Etude House. Mainly because I was having doubts [remember the last time, my "black matte nails" attempt was a disaster and the supposedly matte nail varnish from another Korean brand stained my nails soooo bad] but a blogger friend told me to try this because this one from Etude House really works. Having that in mind, I gingerly picked this up one day while trying to meet the 1KPhp mark [Yey for GWP! I always choose their face masks. soooo good! lol] A bottle sells for 198Php. not bad vs buying online and, anyway, I've been buying from Etude House eversince they opened their Festival branch and so far NOT a single Etude House product disappointed me so I figured, it's safe.


Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat turns glossy colored nails into satin matte color for a chic, sophisticated feeling!

Amazing! It did work!

see? see?! ang bongga nya! ^^

Etude House Matte Real Nail Top Coat

Okay! I'm officially inlove with this top coat! I'm going to buy the Jelly Pop top coat next time! lol :D

Just a tip: make sure your colored nail polish is really really dry on your nails before applying this top coat. I was too excited I applied too soon and well, ruined the whole thing so I had to apply the pink nail polish all over again, wait for 30 minutes then apply the top coat. wag lang excited! #justsayin' :D

so over all, I'm pretty much satisfied with this matte top coat - no, I'm waaaaay beyond satisfied! I'm going to experiment with nude and orange colors. Gah, I'm excited! :)

#seizetheday! :*


brodahl jahren said...

Vakre fargene på nailpaints. Ser veldig annerledes.


Rae said...

I should check this out. A mattifier can expand my polish collection.

Janet said...

wow, this look really promising! Thanks for sharing ^_~

Tin | The Average Jane said...

Looks really good. Now I'm tempted to buy one too. =)

I am gie said...

pls do! sulit naman sha for the price considering na mas mahal yung ibang mattifier na nagwwork talaga. ;)

mfzmou said...

Thank you so much for this post - I visited Target this weekend and picked this up. I've been wanting to try a matte topcoat for a while now, but I've only been able to find them online and didn't want to place a big order just now; and didn't want to pay thru the nose for shipping a small order.
Matte nail polish

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