Friday, December 7, 2012

My Tony and Jackey Digiperm Experience ^^

¡Hola! How's everyone today? Me, I'm just here, stuck at home, work piling up by the hour. oooh, I badly want to go out and grab a cup of something strong ~ by that, I mean coffee okay? And something is bothering my hubby but he isn't telling. hmm, I wonder what that is.

Anyway, I just have 30 minutes to spare today and I must make this one short and quick so here it goes..

about a month ago, I was half-bullied, half-dragged by my BFF to Tony and Jackey's Festival (Alabang) Mall branch as there was an ongoing rebond/digiperm promo. The 5,000Php originally priced treatments were down to 3,000Php. She was no virgin to rebond treatments while I.. well, I'm not really into salons. Freakin' machines scare the hell out of me. BUT. we were due to a conference and my hair was a mess. So, the night before, i decided to just get a haircut.

To cut the long story short, that cute Korean hair stylist Carl (find Step 3: haircut ninja shot) got me to say yes to a digiperm. lol :D 

Okay, as you can see below, my hair is originally thin and flat and very defiant. Carl told me that it is "too thin" and he ordered digiperm for my short hair.

Again, my hair is short so this is not your usual digipermed hairstyle (long, with bangs, goldilocks curls) It got me really curious but yeah, excited. :) When he asked me what style for my haircut, I told him it's all up to him. hihi ^^ He nodded, assessed my hair then fired a couple of orders (there were two ladies ~ his assistants~ very nice and accommodating) The 3,000Php package included hair treatment, hair cut, digiperm and hair manicure. I was there for about 2 hours.

pls click for better view

To sum it up, it was a very nice experience indeed. I like Carl. He is soft spoken, knows his stuff and treated his clients nicely, even nervous, newbies like me (imagine that, and considering I own two c-section belts too! lol) His assistants were very nice and made me really comfortable. They didn't even push harder when I said no to their hair essence. 

So here below is my hair's progress from the time I stepped out of the salon up to week 2:

*Please ignore my silly grin on Day 4 photo, I was at the conference and I was having so much fun!* I came out of the salon super curly (tight curls) but after some time, the curls became bigger and looser and now, (I'm already at my first month) they are just lovely wavy curls I'm lovin' so much! Too bad my BFF came out of the salon all pouty and grumpy while I was almost too giddy to stand still. lol. Her stylist wasn't nice and a little bitchy too. She was trying to grow her hair long and she told her stylist to just cut above her bra-line but sadly, the request was ignored. She went home with a hair just above her bra strap :( Hers was rebonded, by the way. Oh well, looks like I'll be on my own next time. Yes, I'm going back. and I'll specifically ask for Carl. lol :D

As for Bang's Tony and Jackey promos, please do check their Facebook page and website from time to time. I think they are running a Christmas promo now. 

that's it! Thanks for reading! :)


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Pretty said...

Thank you so much the this article because i am planning to re-do my digi perm at Tony and Jackey on a group buying site. i wanna try it for the first time but with a discount, since indeed it is so expensive. I'm so excited..

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