Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sample Room: Try Before You Buy Is Genius!

¡Hola! The weather is so nice ~ never a sunny person, I love that it's cold but not raining, perfect for a cup of coffee and a good book! Yay! and my other blog is all set! double yay! ..and guess who got a promotion?! Yes, me!! just last week!! so yeah, life is good and this mom is indeed one happy girl nowadays :)

Anyway, enough about me. Let me just share my experience with Sample Room. Last week, I got to try Sample Room and I'm happy to report that it went really well and I won't hesitate doing it again and again :) The best part is, I paid using PayPal and they didn't give me any trouble ~ that's plus, plus, plus for me because I hate going out to pay and PayPal is the most convenient payment method for me.

I've been following their Facebook page even before the website launch; bookmarked their website; subscribed to their email newsletter BUT I missed their first wave of samples (*blimey* I was away) Judging from the number of their Facebook followers vs my slowness to catch up, I figured it's impossible for me to actually get samples of my choice. However, one morning while checking my emails, there it was, Sample Room's newsletter with a new batch of samples! I went ahead and saw that there were indeed new samples to grab and I was so excited because the brands were impressive (I saw Shiseido, Davines etc) I was torn between Laneige and Davines but Laneige won because it's a sleeping pack ~ y'all know I love them ;) and to maximize my shipping fee, I threw in that Ralph Lauren sample you'll see below. Because I don't live in Metro Manila, the shipping fee is 130Php. I paid via PayPal. That was Tuesday morning. By Tuesday night, my account already reflected the tracking number. Impressive!

Hello Thursday noon, hello Sample Room package! Fast! really impressed!

RL and Laneige from Sample Room Ph

I've been asked many times how it works so here's my answer: You sign up with them, give some information about yourself (skin type, preferences, etc) and you get 100 points. Points are used for getting samples. In my case, RL was 25 pts and Laneige was 60 pts so I only have 15 pts now but when I give my review on these products, I get the points back. I think you'll earn points too if you refer a friend although I am not sure how many. 3 samples max per check out. You don't pay for the samples, but of course, you need to pay for shipping ~obviously.

and this is why I think Sample Room is a brilliant idea: It's because it allows me to choose the products I want to test. This is also the reason why I hesitate signing up for subscription boxes, I know I won't feel good if I end up with things I really don't need or will not use or not even interested in.

so there :)



Jelly said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog :) I really like your reviews.

I'm really addicted to Sample Room! In fact, I just got my 3rd order from them today.

I♥am♥gie said...

aww thank you Jelly :)

buti ka pa laging abot sa SRph, ako hirap na hirap makachamba! :D magrereview pa lang ako ng first batch :)

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