Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Permed Eyelashes :)

My eyelashes must be the most stubborn eyelashes God has ever made! They are stick straight, meaning they don't curl at all and just grow long all going downwards. lol :D  They are thin and sparse and short and barely there. Mascaras don't work. eyelash curlers don't work and if I press the eyelash curlers too hard, my eyelashes tend to break and I end up with shorter-than-ever eyelashes! 

When I heard about eyelash extensions, I got curious of course. and interested. but after a couple of research and inquiries, I felt that extensions are not really for me because they involve some measure of care and maintenance and I'm just not ready for it yet. *I can't imagine not rubbing my eyes esp during allergy attacks and eyelash extensions can be an ugly sight when not properly cared for* so i settled for perming.

This is actually my second time to have my eyelashes permed. The first time was years back, when I was still in SPC. This time, I had mine permed at Let's Face It, Festival Mall branch. LFI gave me LARGE curls instead of medium for a more natural looking curls, as I was told. and indeed they do look like the natural thing after the procedure! I *love*!! :)

Permed eyelashes by Let's Face It

I paid 350Php for the procedure (1 hour and 30 minutes inside LFI, eyes closed and nearly dozing off) and the curls should last up to a month. I'm not really sure if it's okay to perm it again right away or if I should wait for some time. we will see, when we actually get there. for now, I'm enjoying my curls so much and they look best with a coat or two of Etude House Lash Perm Water Proof Mascara. It saves me time too because now I don't have to spend too much time trying to curl my eyelashes before going out, I can now just apply mascara even in the car. Hubby approves too. lol. He must, he hates waiting for me to finish up and almost always drags me to the car with my face half-finished. :D

so that's it for now ladies :)



Janet said...

so pretty and it look so nice on you!! ganda! ^_~

I♥am♥gie said...

Thank you!! but for a month lang yan. week two na ko and ends na lang ang may curl :(

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