Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mochi + Ice Cream = Mochi Poochi!

I love anything that is mochi + ice cream. there, I said it.

It is not unusual to catch me with a cup of froyo with generous amount of mochi bits on it, like, tell me if you can still see the froyo amidst the mochi bits. In fact, i get really disappointed when I don't get to put mochi bits on my cup of froyo and would rather skip the froyo than eat it without mochi. I honestly think offering mochi to go with your ice cream should be made SOP by this government. lol. justkidding. :D Anyway, I also dig ice creams wrapped in a blanket of mochi so it is but natural for me to make this very important detour:

bestsellers are: matcha, avocado and chocolate
I'm not really a fan of matcha. It must be an acquired taste. I bought avocado for me and chocolate for my big baby R for 50Php each.

To eat, cup with your palms until the mochi shell is warm enough to eat (they can be as tough as rock if you don't do that) however, this is the tricky part: If your mochi ball has a crack or the mochi shell wasn't wrapped properly around the ice cream then you cup it too long, the ice cream in it will melt and ooze out even before your mochi shell warms up. Now if you don't cup it long enough, you are most likely to break a tooth.. or teeth, trying to eat it. lol :D  

I don't think they have their own, permanent place in the mall (Alabang Town Center) though. They were just a part of a huge bunch of food sellers gathered at the center of the mall where I spied a delish cheese pie which I forgot to buy because I was busy contemplating about what lippie shade to buy next. lol :D 

#headachewednesday -.-


Tin | The Average Jane said...

Havent tried this yet but will definitely have one when I return back home. =)

I am gie said...

Try the one from fruits and *something*, it's called Mochiko (i think. lol) 70Php but really good too. :)

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