Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Made Me Happy Today: A 250Php Sling Bag at SM

I woke up to the radio announcing that Jessica Sanchez has just lost against Phillip Phillips. While it's quite disappointing, I was actually expecting it. Maybe AI - the rest of America, for that matter - is not yet ready for a PhilAm-Mexican idol, is all. 

FYI, votes from outside the US weren't counted. lol :D 

Moving on, I'm still reeling from this sling bag..

I almost jumped for joy when I saw this bag hanging from a rack in the kiddie section of the mall. Yep, read it right, kiddie section of SM San Pablo City. lol :D Of all places to find such a beauty! So even if I wasn't really planning to buy a sling bag, how could I pass up? If it only had an inner lining, I would be happier :)

#ihaveathingwithflowerappliques.kisses! :)


Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Love it! :)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

I agree. There are some really cute items at the kiddies section of SM. =)

I am gie said...

kakatuwa lang because I wasn't really expecting it and mura pa! :) I just hope it's sturdy enough to hold my mommy things :)

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