Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Tuesday: Binagoongan, Glittery Bands, My Boys, Hawaiian Burger and Cambodia Goodies :)

Yey! I made it! I made it! ^^

I missed my Random Tuesday post last week - again - so I was hell-bent in making it this week. Whew. I almost forgot because of all those Corona hullabaloos (he was convicted by the Senate, btw, just a few minutes earlier as of writing)

Anyway, I think I found the BEST Binagoongan EVER! There's this quaint resto in Pagsanjan called Calle Arco that serves mean pinoy dishes (think steamed pla-pla, sinigang na baka and the likes) Look at the picture below and tell me if this doesn't look good to you:

Binagoongan na Liempo. yuuuum ;)
PS I swear I'm bringing indian mangoes with me the next time we visit! I bet, the shrimp paste in it will go really well with green mangoes.

I badly need a haircut! My hair is getting longer now and with the relentless heat, I need it to be up on top of my head, away from my neck ALL THE TIME. and so, I'm back to pony-tailing my hair again.

glittery bands, only 30Php for all these at SM ;)
I'm a trying hard photographer, did you know that? Sometimes I hit but most of the time, I miss. lol :D I  like playing with photo editing apps too so here below is one of my many edits featuring my beloved boys ;)

I've already told you that I'm not really into burgers. The only burger that was able to tickle my fancy was Jollibee's Aloha burger (the one with pineapple inside) so I was really disappointed when they discontinued serving it. I was pleasantly surprised though when I saw this at Burger King last Saturday! Meet BK's Hawaiian Whopper Jr:

hello pretty :)
I always think that "pasalubongs" are meant to tell the recipient that they were remembered and missed during trips, this is why I can't thank mommy D enough for these things she brought home from her very recent Cambodia trip for me :)

Cambodia goodies for me!! :)
Remind me to make kulit to her to make another travel post about Cambodia for us. he he ;)

#almostdinnertime.hungry -.-

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