Friday, April 12, 2013

Quick Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Just a quick post/review about this pore eraser from Maybelline ~ my very recent discovery. Yay!

Basically this is a primer and if you're in the Philippines right now, make primers like this your BFF ~ it's freakin' hot out there! well, inside our house too. sheesh.

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser 299Php Watsons
I've been using this since uhm, Monday, and so far no complaints. I've been testing it under various conditions and yeah, still satisfied. It's lightweight, no smell, just soft and silky skin after application. and it does stay that way too for a long time. I even got my primed face wet and it's still there. *oh, just primed, not with makeup, okay? I forgot I already primed it when I decided to wash my face. lol*

My ultimate test for primers is when I take off my makeup before going to bed. There should be a respectable amount of makeup to take off, if not, the primer obviously didn't work right? This one passed.

That one time I wore it under heavy undereye concealer then I had to take it off to test another concealer *brand* (for skintone matching), the kind lady handed me a cottonball with makeup remover and we were both amazed how much makeup/concealer I was able to take off both eyes. I am not going to give credit to the concealer because I'm dumping it. it's useless ~slides and vanishes to nowhere! Gahhh! Only with this primer it was able to hold. But bye, bye concealer, this girl is moving on!

Anyway, selfies are more fun with this primer. bye bye large pores and fine lines. Hello baby skin *even without Camera360's Magic Skin filter* Hah! ^^

so there. give it a try. won't break your wallet too, only 299Php although I recommend skin testing first before buying since this primer has silica in it (just in case you are allergic to it) I'm not, and I'm comfortable using it too ^^



Janet said...

oooh, this sounds super interesting!! will definitely try it out! thanks for sharing ^_~

Rae said...

I;ve been looking for a lot of reviews on this. Medyo onti pa lang pero so far all reviews are ok. It's one of the cheapest face primers pa. I almost bought ELF, But I think I'll give this a try first.

Jhuana Velasquez said...

Hi! I'm really wanting to try out this primer by maybelline. But I am quite skeptical because I have tried their BB cream and foundation before, and they broke me out. Do you think the ingredients of those products are similar with the primer? Thanks ahead :)

I♥am♥gie said...

Hi Jhuana!
..and I have the same sentiments about their BB creams! haha. I hesitated when I first saw this but I was drawn by its cute design and cheap lang naman so..
Fortunately, this didn't break me out however, I suggest you test on skin first, then stroll muna sa mall for about an hour, see how your skin will react kasi may silica sha :) thanks for visiting :)

I♥am♥gie said...

thank you Janet and Rae, dears, for dropping by :)

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