Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: Hair Heroes Intense UV And Thermal Barrier Shield

Hello, hello! here I am with yet another hair product review. This time it's the Hair Heroes Intense UV And Thermal Barrier Shield from a local brand Snoe.

I'm completely mystified by Snoe products. kakaiba kasi. they offer so many interesting things na when I see their product displays, kulang mga one hour kakatingin! Yay ^^ ..and their SAs are usually very friendly, hindi ka mahihiya magtanong! e kung nahihiya ka naman, here's their website, check it out:

*hep, hep. this is not a sponsored post okay? I paid for this product and this is my honest opinion so those of you thinking I review products just because they were sent to me etc etc, go ahead and face the wall and don't forget to wear your cone of shame*

Bonggang bongga ^^

So this little guy here saved me from having uber-dry hair kasi nga nagpadigiperm ako di ba? e medyo shunga-shunga pa ko sa aftercare. I nearly died when I saw *horror* split ends a couple of weeks after digiperm. Sige imagine mo, curly hair + split ends. ampanget lang.

I was looking for something na hindi oily *of course* but super moisturizing and as much as possible, with heat protection *kasi ngaaaa, di ba, tumatakbo ako sa umaga. choz*

Hair Heroes Intense UV And Thermal Barrier Shield 249Php

That bottle lasted me only a week (generous amount when you apply, 4-5 pumps and pls take note, my hair is really really thin) but yep, I noticed the difference naman in such a short time.

BUT, BUT the smell, i don't like too much. A little too strong for me.

I didn't repurchase because:
1. The smell. It doesn't really smell bad, I just don't like the smell, the smell stays strong all throughout the day and once it even overpowered the cologne I was wearing. lol
2. The size. While the size is travel friendly, I don't think I need to tout this around since once (application) is enough for the whole day. I really don't like the idea of going back and forth every week just to buy a bottle of this.

Still, this is just perfect for hair begging to be CPR-ed. It has these two:
Argan Oil, Moringa Extract


Just one bottle and my hair was cured! well, not really since I followed it up with OA amount of hair spa treatments. hehe. still, this is a good addition to your hair care regimen if you are trying to revive your dry, porous and brittle hair. Remember that it is also a heat protectant which is important if you style your hair everytime you go out.

so long, talong!

mwaaaah :*

PS our house help told me that if I notice a couple of ipis flying around, it means it will rain some time later. Whatever. rain or not, flying ipis is definitely not cool.


Janet said...

I have super dry and frizzy hair so I tried applying argan oil on my hair and god gracious it really help revive my hair more healthy ^_~

Rae said...

Killed 2 roaches today. Haha. Love your blogging format.

I use snoe for my hair din sometimes. Yung glaze something na sinespray. Nung summer kasi praning ako mag-amoy pawis yung hair. I use strawberry.

rhaindropz said...

talaga dear? perfect ito for split ends? hmmm this is what im looking for =)

I♥am♥gie said...

Hi Janet, mine too!! the hair, I mean :D eversince digiperm, ayan always dry and frizzy na, kelangan laging heavy conditioning :(

Hi Rae, ay yes, daming variants nun, naloka ako one time hindi ko alam kung anung kukunin ko na smell haha :D

Hi rhaindropz, I think they (Snoe) have one like this but specifically for split ends? wala pa kasi sila nun nung bumili ako neto. but for split ends, very impatient kasi ako, pinattrim ko na agad then alaga sa conditioner para mabilis :D

Tin K. said...

Very interesting product. I love their packaging. Reminds me of a Korean product. Cute and creative. =)

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