Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wet 'n' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick Swatches

I spring-cleaned my makeup collection the other day, throwing out old ones and setting aside the ones i barely use as well as the ones I haven't gotten around to using yet - so they'll be ready when someone interested to give them a new home comes by. In order to use everything I have in my collection, I actually do a monthly "makeup rotation". FYI, my makeup collection isn't that big - I'm more of a "skincare" girl and I'm not really into buying makeup these days but I'm happy with what I have FOR NOW ;) 

When I was still testing out shades to know my "best" shades and "safe" shades, Wet N' Wild and NYX were my best pals - and Makeupalley.com. lol :D WnW Silk Finish, in particular, was my favorite line because it is not drying on lips and coverage is usually good. well don't expect them to be long lasting because 1) they are creamy and 2) they are cheap - around $2.50 each :D like I said, they are good for testing out a shade and you can just toss them in the trash if they didn't work, sans guilty conscience ^^ 

My good research skills served me well because these three shades actually worked on me ;)

Wet n' Wild Silk Finish in 521A, 520E and 514A

Just for reference, I am NC25 {MAC}, 520E Hot Paris Pink {pink} and 514A Cherry Frost {red} looked good on me while 521A Fuchsia w/ Blue Pearl {fuchsia}, hmm, not really, but on good days, yes. 520E Hot Paris Pink and similar shades are my everyday go-to pink lipstick shade, they compliment my skintone well :)

521A has blue shimmers while 514A has gold shimmers however no need to be scared wearing these because those shimmers are so tiny - barely noticeable, and look really really good on photos. three swipes to get the kind of intensity as above swatches which only goes to show that these lipsticks are buildable.

These babies are so cheap! 119Php. SM-Watson's carries WnW brand but popular shades are usually OOS. I bought 521A and 520E online for about the same price.

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