Saturday, July 13, 2013

Photo Memories: Ice Cream Cone

Yesterday, a local supermarket was having an ice cream sale. The hubby went home with 6 pcs drumsticks for only 100Php. Shempre naloka ang mga kids!

Almost three years old, this little boy here begged to hold his own cone. I used to feed him but just recently he started practicing doing things on his own so i told him yes BUT walang amos dapat! So, concentrate sha not to make a mess while eating his ice cream. I like looking at him when he's all serious about something so I took a photo of him.

I'm happy to report that he succeeded in not making a mess. Not really. I mean no drips anywhere but his face was half-painted with ice cream. Ha ha. :D



Rae A. said...

Haha, he eats better than me, yesterday, I got popsicle drops all over my shirt.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo!

a cone of ice cream is most def one of the things that makes childhood worth cherishing!


- iya

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