Thursday, July 18, 2013

Starbucks Pudding Drinks :) here's my super amateur-ish, unfiltered photo of the new Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frap from Starbucks taken just yesterday.
Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino®

I think they forgot the choco powder on top. Baah. 

This came out July 16 (I think) along with the green tea one BUT LQ kami ni hub kaya yesterday lang nakapagsweet-sweetan :D hehe bati na kami.

My verdict, eeh, it's good but nothing spectacular. I was expecting the white chocolate pudding to be extra creamy but naah, sakto lang sha

..and it's a little bit pricier than regular fraps. Just 20 pesos difference lang naman, won't hurt if you want to try :)

I dunno about the green tea okay? I'm not really into green tea whatevers. I like my green tea just hot or iced. So nah, not me, I'm not going to try that green tea frap with pudding but do share here if you find it enjoyable ;) green tea frap links are welcome *wink wink* haha :D yaah, I just want to know if masarap ba talaga ang green tea whatevers :D

#karekareforlunch :)

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Paola Ysabel said...

Hi! I had a chance to try out the dark mocha white chocolate pudding frap from Starbucks and it isn't a drink that I would constantly order (that would be the java chip frap hehe).

I don't like green tea all that much but try ordering their green tea frap minus the vanilla syrup, but add hazelnut. It's DELICIOUS! :)

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