Thursday, September 22, 2011

FernC Coffee

I've been too sickly these past few weeks. Been coughing like crazy since last week that I truly think it could be a tumor stuck in anywhere from my throat down to my lungs! It was awful :(

Hubby suspects that it has something to do with my one-month long allnight shifts. It was a first time for me to work on such shift and my body is not really used to it. (although when I was younger, I could pull off an allnighter talking to my bestgirls over the phone, apparently when you get older, you must be sleeping in right times)

Add to that the pressure of being all perky, wide awake and alert when baby is up and about. I just couldn't do that and obviously my body strongly agrees.

So I am now trying to "reorganize" my time table, making the "days" my working hours again and the nights exclusively for sleeping. I would say that after a month of being awake at night, I am now having a hard time sleeping by 2am. I have a feeling  that it will take some time for my body clock to come back to its normal waking hours - and some practice too ;)

Upon hearing about my bouts of sickness, my sister quickly sent me a pack of FernC coffee, she knows how I love drinking coffee and how I hate taking vitamins so it's like making sure I  take my vitamins EVERYDAY since I never fail drinking coffee every single day. lol :)

FYI, FernC is a popular non-acidic vitamin C. Now, the company has come up with a coffee-blend enriched with 8 vitamins and minerals: Vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3, Calcium and Zinc. As long as the coffee doesn't taste like vitamins, I am not complaining. lol :)

I just had my first cup and I must admit, it was good. Better than your standard-issue 3in1 even. However, consume while hot since it has a tendency to taste weird when tepid - ice lolly out! Can be taken hot or cold. Have yet to try cold version though. I just hope my body will truly benefit from drinking it.

I have no idea how  much a pack cost since it was only given to me but I'll definitely update this post and I hope it isn't too expensive. A pack contains 18 single serve sachets :)

The coffee blend with more perks!


Truly Rich Mom aka Teacher Mama Tina said...

Hi sis! :) Found your blog through Manila Mommy :) Nice site you have here! :) I love FERN Coffee (and Fern C) too! So much that we sell them on the side :) hehe. Anyway, if ever you have the time feel free to visit my blog too at I have another one about homeschooling too at ;) Cheers and Godbless!

gie said...

Hi Mommy Tina, nice to have you here! :) I'm loving FERNCoffee too, I'm almost done with the pack! lol :) will visit you soon! :) Cheers!

Des said...

We love Fern C! I didn't know that they have coffee too. Wow, thanks for sharing! I'll definitely try them out. :)

I am gie said...

Hi mommy des! yes please try. tastes like real coffee - better pa nga than most instant coffee but make sure mainom mo sha kagad kasi hindi sha masarap pag lukewarm na :)

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