Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trivial But Annoying Computing Problems This Week

I just know I am having a not-so-lucky week the moment my USB flashdrive broke down on me. As a chronic hoarder *gasp* - I can't believe I just admitted that!  - it is important for me to, not only have files online as backup but to have them handy when offline hence 4 minimum 2gb flashdrives to back me up!

Yes, I know, didn't expect it too to have that much files in 3 years.

So back to my computing anomalies. Monday night it was that d*mned flashdrive. For some reason, it has just decided to stop working and played a game of hide and seek with my desktop computer. My dinosaur of a computer - due to size and age, really - being old and dumb, cannot detect the sneaky flashdrive hence poor me unable to access my files. I was soooo annoyed but due to my being in recovery from flu, I didn't even bother getting angry. It was too much of an effort that time.

Tuesday same story but this time I have a little energy to spare so I got crazy angry - thrown enough fits to send the hubby flying to the nearest computer technician's house for some words of encouragement. The d*mned flashdrive is now awaiting surgery as i heard it would be operated and dissected, fused and whatever. I heard our chances are 50-50, I hope she survives though.

Today, I have this suspicion that there is something wrong with my router. Since last week, my desktop has been having a hard time accessing websites but I paid no heed as i thought it was just a server problem (not my own) however, the hubby noticed that his iPad's Instagram is also experiencing slow loading time - again, we didn't give it much thought.

This morning's story is different though as I need to update my book blog and it is - yes, you guessed right - inaccessible. That is unforgivable since I really need to update my book blog asap and there's no other way to access it. Weird thing is, I can access this blog but the book blog is a lost cause.

My fear is that I am under attack by malwares again. I do hope not because I'd be throwing fits again. My second fear is that our router is malfunctioning, while that would be easier to solve, it will still give me some downtime which I don't really need right now. My third suspicion which I am praying that it would be the one and only reason to this browser trouble is that our internet connection is getting weaker and slower and it would be okay to nag those never-late-for-bills people over PLDT, our provider, good Lord.

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