Monday, December 5, 2011

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals B.B Cream

I've been dabbling with BB creams since June this year. What triggered my fascination with BB creams was my sister's "dewy" looking skin on our trip to Tagaytay last Holy Week. She was looking all Korean and fresh but I noticed her blemishes were gone. That was the beginning of my love affair with BB creams!

WARNING!! THIS IS MY FIRST EVER COSMETIC REVIEW POST so please bear with this noob! lol :D

This is my first ever BB cream for reasons:

  1. It was readily available at SM San Pablo (Watsons) where I usually start my cosmetic hunts.
  2. It was reasonably priced (Php 299, i think) and since I was just starting with BB creams, I would like to start with something that won't really make a dent in my budget just in case I won't like it.
  3. It was -- still is, I think -- available in one color only so I didn't have to think too much about what color to get. lol. lazy me! :D

Maybelline, since it's a known brand, felt like a good and sensible choice for me so I grabbed it without further ado. Fast forward 6 months, I'm still using it. lol :)

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB cream Php 299

Maybelline BB cream claims to brighten and even out skin. It also covers imperfections, moisturizes and protects with SPF 26. According to label, it should be applied after moisturizer.

Maybelline BB cream on skin

A little dot goes a loooong way so be very careful when dispensing as the consistency is a little thinner than most BB creams! That small amount you see above can easily cover the whole back area of my hand.

Maybelline BB cream blended

Photo above is when you blend the BB cream. The glittery area would be the one with blended BB cream. Don't be afraid of the glittering effect, it doesn't really show like that on face as I applied more than what's recommended on my hand for this photo-op only. lol. I hope you see the difference though.

With and without BB cream
The one with BB cream tube on side would be the one with blended BB cream, the other one is au naturel. I hope you see that the veins were less noticeable with the BB cream on, compared to the hand without.

With and without BB cream lighted photo-op. lol
I tried taking photos of my hands with light and I hope to God I'm not the only one seeing the difference! lol. let me know if my photos are bad, I'll just do another round for swatches. :)

What I like about Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream is that it's very easy to blend because of its thin consistency. It brightens, yes, but it doesn't really hide imperfections efficiently as I still have to apply concealer when I use this especially around eye area -- okay fine, eyebags! Perfect when on the go since it feels like you're just applying moisturizer on your face. Perfect too if you are without a face mirror to consult if you did alright applying makeup as it spreads evenly without exerting too much effort. lol.

It's lightweight, would not feel like there's a ton of makeup piled on your face and my skin didn't break out, thank God. Best of all, it is suitable for sensitive skin so it managed to keep my skin allergy at bay and I didn't worry rubbing some on little boy's skin when cuddling. I bring this tube with me when traveling since it is conveniently packed in a small, slim tube.

Cheers! :)

Help me improve this review! Please throw in your questions and requests and I will update this post or better yet, share your experience with this BB cream. Thank you ^_^


shibariichan said...

i'm using maybelline 8-in-1 skin transfomer bb cream, it is so smooth! i light it! and all about u're saying are true! i love this bb cream! :) we both do, lol

I am gie said...

@shibariichan ..and that would be my next BB cream. lol :D I'm already on the last drop with this one and planning to buy another because it is so easy to apply! :)

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