Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sendong Tragedy: Why Mothers Are Mourning

Let me just get this off my chest.

I was not online last weekend so it was just yesterday when I saw these pics:

It breaks my heart to see these kids. Killed by the flood. This could have been avoided, but now it's too late. I can't even imagine being the mother of these kids. I would probably wish I was killed too. With my family.

There's no use in pointing fingers now. What angers me though is the lack of sympathy the victims are getting from "some" people. Dear "someone", you should really be ashamed of yourself. You may be childless, unable to really understand what has happened here but surely you don't want this happening to your nieces and nephews. I'm not going to mention a name but you know who you are.


*photos are not mine, credits to original uploader. Please email me to claim credits for photos here.*

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Roxi Santiago said...

It is such a tragedy and a horrible experience for our brothers and sisters in CDO and Iligan. Praying for the repose of their souls, especially the children who perished in the floods. :(

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