Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Your Guide to MY Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Again, this is supposed to guide you on what to get and stuff my Christmas stocking, not the other way around. lol :D

Since my hubby is stalking my blog - I'm assuming he is thoroughly impressed with my writing and not just simply spying on what this girl is thinking! - I am hoping he'll read this and get the idea and go get me some of listed below :)

I guess this could work for most mommies too. *what?! we have Christmas stocking too!!*

Anyway, here's my list:

  1. iPhone or a Blackberry phone. This is really pushing it. I can happily settle with an iTouch :)
  2. VS or Bath and Body gift set. I am going to hang a bigger stocking this Christmas just to make sure it will fit! As for the smell, it's hard to go wrong with Victoria Secret and Bath and Body so don't fret, anything would do :) One hint though is that I am a "floral" person so please don't get me anything "fruity". Remember that, daddies: "floral" and "fruity", know your wifey's preference.
  3. Chocolates. Please don't get me Curly Tops this year, I've been munching on them all year long and I feel this is the right time for a change. Reese would be nice too :)
  4. La Senza lingerie. Please don't get anything too sexy as I don't want the kids to see me in that and since we're sharing room with them, a sexy, lacy lingerie will only gather dust inside the undies-drawer and I will only go on dreaming of the time when I'll be able to wear them sans bilbil. Save that for the bra and panty set which I could wear underneath my favorite mumu. I just hope your breastfeeding son won't notice that the bra is not the regular cotton one.
  5. Spa certificate. A nice massage would do me good :)
  6. A day off. Whole day. With my best girls. I want that written in a piece of paper with your signature on it stuffed inside my Christmas stocking. Oh, and I want the kids to sign it too just so they won't call me and tell many upsetting things just to get me to come home.
  7. Automatic washing machine. okay, that won't fit. ^_^

Merry Christmas mommies!! :)


Yanna said...

I LOLd at Curly Tops. :D Hahaha! :) I should get to making my Christmas wish list... :P

Bernie Gonzales-Reyes said...

cute...nice move to give your love ones an idea what to give you on Christmas...might as well make one for myself...thanks

Nenette AM said...

Oh, hon, #5 sounds so nice! Should be easy enough for hubby to accomplish.
But #6 should be more than just a Christmas present. You should demand one of these Mommy Alone Days every month. It recharges you, and really, it makes you a better mom to have the break.
My wonderful husband and kids do that for me! Yes, I'm lucky, and yes, they're the best! :)

kay said...

BB! Sana hubby will read that nga and grant your wish.

Gladys | said...

great list! i hope all your wishes come true :)

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