Saturday, November 5, 2011

..Of Regrets And Decision Making..

"there are things I miss", you said. "But if I didn't have you, I'd miss more"
~David Levithan, The Lover's Dictionary: A Novel

I just finished reading David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary and this line has struck me the most. This was asked by the boyfriend (I assume, as there was really no reference in the book as to whom was speaking at the moment) and for a minute there, it got me thinking: hell yeah, that's exactly what I've been meaning to say but couldn't find the words for!

..and this is not only for my partner, but also for my kids. and for the things I chose and decisions I made. Lastly, for the person I choose to become.

Last night while listening to the radio, the DJ was giving advices to a girl who has gone left the house and her kids behind. She had no qualms about being separated from the kids though. Her only concern was about her hubby of 8 years having a girlfriend at the  moment. I won't comment about this girl but I am sharing today what the DJ said:

"When I make decisions, I always try to see myself 30-40 years from now and think, would I regret doing or not doing this?.." 

As a mom, my life is always riddled with minor and major issues needing quick and final decisions. It can be as simple as changing diaper brands or as big as opening a new business but I find that the end results almost always feel the same. The frustrations, the joy, they are always of the same degree so it is important that in that "quick and final decision making" moments I make sure that I won't ever regret my decision, now, tomorrow or even 30 years from now.



Yanna said...

Hi sis... :) Like the quotes.. :)

Yeah, may mga tao talagang banat lang ng banat during their youth, then they regret it a few years from now...

Buti na lang tayo... we do miss some things nga paminsan, pero we wouldn't trade our loved ones for anything in the world.. :)

gie said...

nice yung book ni David Levithan talga. medyo magulo lang yung order kasi hindi sha traditional novel pero cute. hehe :)

Gladys | said...

i love this: "When I make decisions, I always try to see myself 30-40 years from now and think, would I regret doing or not doing this?.."

i don't know exactly if i had flashforwarded to the future when i made my decisions. but one thing's for sure, when i made one, i was ready for the consequences, good and bad... so far, there's been no regret :)

big hugs to you :)

I am gie said...

me too! dati walang pakelam e, ngayon na may mga kids na, naku super ingat sa decisions. hehe. mommyness :)

Cha said...

Yeah, I miss a lot of things that I do when I was still single. But I'm glad I'm missing them instead of wishing what I have right now. That quote from the book says it all. :)

I am gie said...

korek sis, naenjoy ko naman ang dalaga moments ko and honestly, mas comfortable ako being a mom and a wife than nung dalaga ko. shempre lang nung dalaga ko, i was not always responsible for my actions. lol :)

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