Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Food Stop: LZM Restaurant's Best Fried Fish Ever!

My hubby is a fierce Instagramers so upon seeing Miss Tintin Babao's Bangus post, he was intrigued enough to try the place. That Bangus post has brought us here:

ZLM Restaurant Solenad branch
I was hoping we would visit the Tagaytay branch but we were a little pressed for time so we went to Solenad-Sta. Rosa, Laguna instead. I honestly think I could work as an ambassador  for Solenad as I've been blogging about their place eversince! ZLM Restaurant in Solenad II is just beside Frutti Froyo so it will be hard to miss plus there's always a clamor outside their door - a clamor of families waiting to be seated or served. This alone can tell you how good their food is!

Lucky us we didn't have to wait long. These are what we ordered:

Fried Boneless Bangus 350pesos 
The bangus was so big it could feed 4! ..and yes, that must be the best tasting bangus I've ever tasted. It was not deep-fried crispy but the marinate worked wonders.

Half rice is Php 75, good for 2-3 persons

Beef Kare kare Php430
That's a big bowl of Kare kare too! In this place you get everything supersized! Too bad, no room left for their Bulalo, I heard it's also good. Oh maybe next time? :)

I highly recommend this place, good food, warm, friendly service (even the manager - owner? - gamely went out of the resto just because the little boy cried everytime their eyes meet. lol) This place is, hands down, 5 stars out of 5.

Btw, their Tagaytay branch can be found at Magallanes Square. 



Wonder Woman said...

Please do join my next giveaway :) It should be up within the week. Your posts keep making me hungry... Lol.

gie said...

Hi sis, yes will do :) thanks, dapat food blog na lang eto. hehe. mas madami pang food kesa mommy posts. lol ^_^

Rachelle said...

oh, shoot!!! I miss those Filipino dishes! And my fave, Daing na Bangus!
I'll surely check that out when I go back to pinas!
thanks for dropping by :)

I am gie said...

sayang nga mommy rachelle, masarap yung bulalo nila, hindi na namin natry kasi sobrang laki ng servings e 3 lang kami kakain :)

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