Friday, November 18, 2011

La Senza Outlet Store At Paseo de Sta. Rosa

I'm not really sure if it's indeed a La Senza outlet store or if they are considered as one, all I know is that there are rows upon rows and drawers upon drawers of La Senza goodies from tame PJs to seduce-your-man sheer lingeries selling at 40, 50 and 70 % off. For me, that officially makes it an outlet store. lol.

The confusion starts here:

"Bench Depot"

So if I enter this store, I expect to see all things  Bench right? Well, not in this store. Lookiee:

La Senza

Charles and Keith

There were other known brands that I wasn't able to take pictures of as I was trying to be very discreet about the act. lol. I didn't want to call any unwanted attention so very sorry guys :( I pretended to be texting and finding a mobile phone signal just so I can take fairly good photos of the place. lol. Not that I was sure they would throw me out if found taking pictures but I was just trying to be on the safer side. I'll try to get some more pictures next time.

It's a one stop shop in there, seeing all those popular brands side by side selling at awesome discounted prices! I say, best to start your Christmas shopping here! There's definitely something for everybody, even for the baby! :)

Note, this store is somewhat hidden, I discovered it by accident actually. If you'll come from the front (if you see Starbucks, Pancake House, Adidas, etc, then you're in front), you have to walk a little further going in (arrow straight) then cross a two-lane street until you find the garden-slash-park as it is somewhat in the middle - the center being the roundish, open air garden. From there, turn your head to your right. If you somehow end up out back where The Beauty Bar, Payless, Nike are located, walk a little going in, no more than 20 big steps until you find the garden then face left. You'll be able to spot it from there.

Paseo de Sta. Rosa is a commercial and lifestyle center located at Laguna Boulevard, Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. Map here. Website here. Major Brands/Institutions: Nike Factory Outlet, Nike Park Outlet, Marks & Spencer Outlet, Debenhams Outlet Store, Mizuno, Nine West, Gap & Banana Republic Outlet, Aerosoles, Payless, Speedo, Adidas, All Flipflops, Crocs, G-Force, Rudy Project, Bench Depot, Levi’s, CafĂ© Breton, Starbucks, Kanin Club, The Old Spaghetti House, Pancake House, Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich Pizza, Shakey’s, Racks, Razon’s, Ryuma, Yellow Cab, Mecury Drugstore, National Bookstore, Ateneo Graduate School of Business

It's worth a visit especially if you are on your way to Tagaytay (30mins from Paseo de Sta. Rosa) Enchanted Kingdom is about 10minutes away sans traffic. lol. :)

Cheers! :)


Des said...

Oh nice! Thanks for sharing sis! ...and being brave to take ninja shots! ;)) I love La Senza. It's something hopefully we can visit. :)

Gladys | said...

waahhhh! shopping na naman... tama na!!!! ^_^

Jadey the Divafabulosa said...

Oh wow where is this?? Malapit lang ba to sa Manila? I wanna go there too...we'll be in Manila in December.

Directions pleasE? :)

I am gie said...

lol @ ninja shots! ^_^ I was with my daughter so there were shots na kunwari I'm taking pictures of her pero hindi naman. good thing she was game with it ^_^ but yes sis, super nice ng La Senza nila, almost 50% off, mapapashopping ka dito :)

I am gie said...

ay! Sta. Rosa, Laguna sis Jadey, about 2 hours from Manila. will update my post. kuha lang ako ng exact address ^_^

DIVA Fabulosa said...

aww 2 hours sana pumayag si hubby punta kami jan !!

Yanna said...

I also LOLd at ninja shots, cause I also do that too! :)

Wooo... La Senza! :) Buti na lang they have branches at SM malls... Hehehe.. But it's good to know that they have it at Sta. Rosa din.. :)

Yanna said...

I also LOLd at ninja shots, cause I also do that too! :)

Wooo... La Senza! :) Buti na lang they have branches at SM malls... Hehehe.. But it's good to know that they have it at Sta. Rosa din.. :)

Roxi Santiago said...

Oh myyyyy! For real? Outlet store of La Senza and Mothercare??? I'm gonna die! I got my, ahem, pregnant-post pregnancy bras there at La Senza. Sila lang ang may size ko! Hahaha. :p

And with Mothercare, ay nako. I can spend hours and hours there. Just went to their branch at BHS and got a bonnet for the little boy. :D

gie said...

sis Jadey, worth naman the trip, lure him with Adidas, Nike outlet stores within the area. lol :)

sis Yanna, mahal kasi sa malls, super cheap dito kaya super happy ko nung nadiscover ko eto. lol :)

sis Roxi, naku you'lll love Paseo, super dami nilang outlet stores dyan!

*bakit kasi hindi uso tagging dito? :D

Roxi Santiago said...

Wonder how I can drag my husband there. May outlet ba ng Nike or Adidas? I can entice him with that. Hahaha!

I am gie said...

yes sis, meron. two nga nike dyan, sa front and sa back. then one adidas. meron din crocs, havs, etc. madami talaga :)

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