Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanks Fofo Kids!

My Facebook page was still in its infancy when a post was shared on our wall. It was an invite to come give a shot to an ongoing promo for their shop's launch. There wasn't much to do to join: you just have to like their page, fill up a form and guess the exact date of the launch.

Honestly, I don't really join each and every contest that comes my way. Some of them are too complicated to join and others require too much effort on my part (yup. lazy me) So I just go with the ones that are reasonable and fun. Fofo Kids' promo teaser, on the other hand, was really cute so I joined.

I asked the hubby to give me a number off the October calendar. He gave me 25. I went with 23. lol.

Lucky I listened to the stubborn me, look what it brought me:

Lucky number 3!! :)

Yey! Me and the kids were sooo excited! So just imagine our joy when this came in the mail:

No, not Perry the Platypus! :)
One look inside the loot bag and I knew there would be trouble, especially when all 4 of us were present upon opening of the package. *well, I tried to delay it but them 3 were not going anywhere, literally following me wherever I went*

So I opened - and braced myself for the onslaught!

They came popping out one by one!
While taking photos of these beanies, the other Fofos were already getting dizzy being passed and grabbed, pulled and fought over. Poor Fofos!

Personalized letter from Fofo Kid's main man, Francis. aww.. :)

Boris on C's head ^_^

Stuffies for R ^_^

Say hi to the gang! Cutie keychains! ^_^

I so love the keychains! ..but the hubby beat me to it, he was already delegating these cuties to his key collection while I was busy negotiating with the kids about who gets what. lol :)

The stuffies and the keychains squeak, much to C's delight. 

These guys indeed made my day! Thanks Fofo Kids! Thanks Francis! ^_^

Check out Fofo Kids' Facebook page to know more about the Fofos. I heard their family is expanding soon so stay tuned :)

btw, those keychains are handcrafted. awesome right? Check out TheHappy Qwiirty on Facebook! :)


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